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Cousins from the El-Khouri and Harb families take a photo together sitting on a couch (Folder 2-27).
Khouri 2-26 Photo_wm.tif

Caption from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver: "Cousins in the Fig Trees, Kour," The children are unidentified, though are likely members of the El-Khouri family. Though undated, the image was likely taken in the 1950s or 1960s.

Sister Victorine El-Khouri and cousin in Lebanon.

A photograph of a group of unidentified women and children from the Ishak family sitting outdoors in Lebanon.
Ishak_Women and Girls 2-wm.jpg

A photograph of unidentified members of the Ishak family unpacking their car.
Ishak_Unpacking Car-wm.jpg

A photograph of three children, identified only as cousins, posing together in Lebanon.
Ishak_Three Cousins-wm.jpg

A photograph of two children, identified as Karima Ishak and her cousin, in Lebanon.
Ishak_Karmina and Cousin-wm.jpg

A portrait of young Houda with her mother Soumaya Sokhn, along with an unnamed uncle, cousin, and grandmother.
bracewell-houda and family-wm.jpg
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