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Date: 1957-1960
Notes found in Joseph Maroun El-Khouri's pack of letters from Lebanon, 1957-1960.

رسالة من فؤاد حمزة الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 8 تشرين الاول 1931. يبين فؤاد للريحاني المراسلات مع الحكومة الاميريكية بشأن الاقتصاد السعودي، واعطاء امتياز للبنوك الاميريكية في الحجاز. الاسماء المذكورة: حسين العويني، مستر موراي، ابراهيم شاكر رفيق حسين،

رسالة من الملك عبد العزيز الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 7 ايار 1924. في الرسالة القصيرة: الملك يعلم الريحاني باستلام رسالة الاخير فقط. الرسالة الطويلة: يناقش فيها الملك سياسته تجاه حكومة العراق والعلاقة بين البلدين المتجاورين. ويشكر الريحاني على "حذف بعض…

رسالة من فليكس فارس الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 22 تشرين الثاني 1919. يخبر فليكس الريحاني عن احواله الاجتماعية فقد تزوج، وحالته الصحية حيث اجرى عملية في الكلى، وكذلك عن منصبه كمدير المخابرات العامة في حلب وغيرها من المناصب. ويطلب فليكس من الريحاني…

Date: 1893
An Arabic letter from Joseph Oussani in Baghdad, Iraq to Chicago, Illinois dated April 20, 1893. A photocopy of the letter is also in the folder.

Date: 1893
A letter to Joseph Oussani from his brother dated March 16, 1893 in Baghdad. Two handwritten English translations and a photocopy of the letter are included in the folder.

Date: 1976 July 11
Commemorative booklet containing correspondence and biographcal material about Archbishop-Metropolitan Trevor Wyatt Moore. Also included is information about the Eastern Orthodox Church, messages from the community, and photographs.

Booklet for the 25th anniversary celebration of St. John the Evangelist Orthodox Church in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. The booklet includes a program for the event and letters of congratulations from other parishes. The church was founded in 1988

Date: 1960 April 4
A letter from Herbert B. Attaway, Jr. to Philip J. Moses, dated 4 April 1960, remarking upon the qualities of Philip's mother Fannie Johns Moses.

Date: 1999
Materials related to the activities of the Triangle Lebanese Association.

Date: 1944 Nov 4
Envelope and correspondence sent from to Rose Norman for support on Election Day.

Date: 1941 Sep 23
Envelope and card sent from the White House to Rose Norman thanking her for her condolences.

Date: 1942 Nov 23
Envelope and letter sent from the White House to Rose Norman thanking her for her kind words. Signed by Eleanor Roosevelt's secretary.

Date: 1961 Nov 15
Typewritten correspondence from Philip J. Andrews on behalf of the Maronite Seminary Committee of Poughkeepsie, New York, to Chor-Bishop Mansour Stephen, donating $450 for the erection of a memorial in their honor.

Date: 1964 Nov 10
Correspondence regarding the topic of "The Lebanese in Poughkeepsie" drafted by Lebanon-American Club secretary Philip J. Andrews and sent to Rev. Father John O'Neill.

Date: 1964
Congratulations sent to Charles Joseph for his election as President of the Lebanon-American Club from Joseph Abdoo, President of the Poughkeepsie Exchange Club.

Date: 1994 Sep 14
This type-written letter from Marion F. Newton to Genevieve Joseph thanks Joseph for her participation in the SUNY (State University of New York) Child Care Conference in June 1994. Newton notifies Joseph that the Middle Eastern Ensemble's dance…

Scanned copy of the formal surrender of Japan during World War II signed by various officers in the US military given to Charles Joseph to commemorate the end of the war.

Date: 1946 Jan 10
Selective Service Classification Notice for Charles Joseph in Wake County, North Carolina.

Date: 1942 Apr 20
Letter and corresponding memo promoting Charles Joseph from Private to Private First Class in the Marine Corps Reserve.

Date: undated
Includes photocopied images of a notebook with choreography and dance instructions as well as correspondence regarding a public service announcement for the Yallah Dance Ensemble's performance at eba Center for Dance and Movement.

A birthday letter from the Diocese of Raleigh written to Alma Farris on the occasion of her 90th birthday. The letter includes a prayer and an acknowledgement of Alma's contributions to the Our Lady of the Snows church in Elizabethtown, NC.

A letter from E. Rhone Sasser to Joseph Zaytoun thanking him for his and his family's support of United Carolina Bankshares.

A letter from Vernon Malone, Wake County Board of Commissioners to Joseph Zaytoun thanking him for his service as a member of the Wake County Historic Preservation Commission.

A letter from Jerry L. Cross, Researcher at the North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources to Joseph Zaytoun regarding a research request on the Lebanese in New Bern. Included is a census list from 1910.
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