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Date: 1943-06-19
A portrait of Connie Lamar and Thomas Lamar on their wedding day. Connie Lamar is wearing a tulle wedding dress and holding a large bouquet with a drooping bow while Tom Lamar stands next to her wearing a formal military uniform, dated June 19, 1943.…

Date: c. 1943/44
A portrait of Connie Lamar in an off the shoulders outfit while looking away from the camera, dated around 1934 and '44.

Date: c. 1926
A photograph of Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun standing with their six children, Evelyn Gladys Zaytoun, Vivian Grace Zaytoun, Constance Theresa Zaytoun, Joseph Ellis Zaytoun, Agnes M. Zaytoun, and Henry Stanley Zaytoun. Ellis Zaytoun stands on the left…

Date: 1964-02
A photograph of Henry Zaytoun, Vivian Salem, Connie Lamar, Agnes Murman, Evelyn Farris, Joseph Zaytoun, Isabelle Zaytoun, and Ellis Zaytoun celebrating Ellis and Isabelle Zaytoun's 50th wedding anniversary. Henry Zaytoun is smiling next to a U.S.…
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