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Date: 1986-04-17
An envelope and letter addressed from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated 1986 April 17. Arabic section: Arabic verse/poem.

Date: May 1976
A photograph from Bearta Al-Chacar Powell's childhood of young girls in Lebanon receiving their first communion.

Date: 1950s c.
A photograph of a Mersal Zammar at first communion in Qattine, Lebanon, circa 1950s.

Date: 1958-05
A portrait of eight-year-old Evelyn Murman's communion ceremony. She is wearing a white ruffled dress, crown, and veil. In her hands she is holding a small book and rosary, dated May 1958.

Date: 1946-05
A photograph of Joyce Farris at her first communion. She is wearing a white dress, veil, and shoes while holding a matching purse in her hand, dated May 1946.
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