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Date: 2/7/1903
Two letters: First letter Khalil sends greetings to his family and friends. He then asks his uncle about the water issue in Shaghour, his son Youssuf, and becoming a cleric. Khalil then encourages his uncle to educate all of his sons and reassures…

Rev. Gabriel Oussani's business card, listing his name and place of work, St. Joseph's Seminary, Dunwoodie, Yonkers, NY

Date: 1910s
A photograph of Reverend John Smith wearing a white collar, printed on a postcard addressed to Thomas Oussani

Date: 1923
A memorial card dedicated to Reverend John Talbot Smith, late Pastor of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Dobbs Ferry, NY, born 1855, died 24 September 1923.

Date: 1920s
A photograph of Reverend Gabriel Oussani standing outside in front of a large house

A program for a church service, featuring a main program with card insert featuring quotes. Labeled G Oussani

A group photo of nine clergymen, including Reverend Gabriel Oussani
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