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Date: 1/7/1904
A letter from Khalil who tells his uncle to do what he sees right in work according to the power he has from Khalil, and to send him the costs of any renovations and contributions to church. He asks about his sister Maryam.

Date: 2/9/1904
A letter from Khalil who advises his uncles to buy the property of Alphons Naqash and use it to build a church. He encourages the family to be in agreement on this issue.

Date: 1/28/1906
A letter from Khalil who tells his uncle he started collecting donations for Mar Sassine church and explains the details.

Date: 1899
Document describing premises in Pocantico Hills, sold to Joseph Oussani, formerly of the old "Collender" farm, and latterly the property of Colonel William C. Church, dated 1899

Date: 1899
A deed, dated 2 May 1899, William, Mary, and Willard Church selling land to Joseph Oussani for $12,000

Date: 1899
Blueprint map of land deeded to Joseph Oussani, formerly of WC Church and Mary E Church and Willard Church, in Pocantico Hills, New York, showing 32 acres, dated 28 April 1899

Date: 2010's
Photograph of Barbara Kahdy Estes posing on the steps of a church located in Bteghrine, Lebanon.

Date: 2010's
An exterior photograph of church bell towers in Bteghrine, which were funded by George Kahdy's father.

James Joseph, Marsha El-Khouri, and Edwin James stand in front of the altar for their First Communion (Folder 2-20).
Khouri 2-20 Photo_wm.tif

A narrative family tree "based on the village church records of births, baptisms, marriages and deaths and some oral history, which were compiled in 1934 by Father Yousef (Kalem Cory's father)," priest of the village referred to in the document as…
Domit_1934_history of families of mazarat taffahP.pdf

Date: July 2000
A photograph of St. George Greek Catholic Church in Terbol, Lebanon, taken from a distance.
Ishak_View of Church-wm.jpg
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