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Date: Unknown
Caption from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver: "Sithoo Moura & Photo of Giddoo." Moura Isaac posing beneath a portrait of her deceased husband, Thanios Isaac. Thanios passed away in 1939. Though the photograph is undated, it was likely taken in the early to…

Date: circa 1966
Photograph of a Christmas float in a 1966 parade, children laying in a bed with stockings hung for Santa Claus in Andrews, North Carolina.
El-Khouri_Christmas Parade 1966_5-1.jpg

Photograph depicting a Christmas float decorated with a Christmas tree in the 1966 Andrews, North Carolina Christmas Parade.
El-Khouri_Christmas Parade 1966_7-1.jpg

Date: circa 1966
Photograph depicting Mariam on the Khouri's Department Store Christmas float in front of the Jabaley's Department Store in Andrews, North Carolina, 1966.
El-Khouri_Mariam on Christmas Float 1966-1.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photo of a family gathering. Mary Mokarzel stands second from the left. Also included in the photo is Yemna Mokarzel, Leila Samhan, Ziad Samhan, and Jemma Hatab.(Folder 2-1-2-6)
Mokarzel 2-1-2-6 Family_wm.jpg
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