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Date: 1929
A holiday greeting card from the Dodge family, probably the family of Bayard Dodge, who was the president of the American University of Beirut at the time.
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Date: Circa 1928
A holiday greeting card from the Leavitt family who was associated with the American University of Beirut.

Date: 1927
A holiday greeting card from an unidentified family.
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Date: 1959
A Christmas card from Rosemarie and (illegible), who were married in 1959, includes two photos of Rosemarie

Date: 1947
A Christmas card with picture of four children, listed as Amin, Ferad, Lanie, Nadir, and a note from them to their grandfather Daoud or David. Back of image says December 9, 1947 Photo Albert Beyrouth

A Christmas Card signed by Leonard J. Oussani, featuring a photo of him

Date: 1936-12-15
A christmas card sent to Mrs. Oussani, postmarked 1936, still in original envelope. The card features a drawing of the pyramids in Egypt and says "Wishing You a Happy Christmas and a Bright New Year"

A Christmas card with an unknown sender to Kail Ellis, undated. 'Dear Khalil,
Kisses and longing, I am asking from the child Jesus to make these two holidays of christmas and new year to make them many and that you will have health and…

Christmas Card with John Ledwig Gebhard Lund Artwork on the front. Arabic section: sender sends receivers season greetings and best wishes.

Date: 1965-12-15
A Christmas card from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis with a note from Tayseer Arafeh, dated 15 December 1965. The front has a colored nativity scene.

Date: 1959-12-29
A Christmas card from George (last name unknown) to Kail Ellis, dated 29 December 1959. Sent from Baabda, Lebanon with a photograph Jupiter Temple's Pillars of Baalbek, Lebanon.
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