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Date: 1930
An envelope addressed to Mr. Joseph Oussani, return address marked as Gorra Brothers, Shanghai, China. Inside the envelope is a letter written in Arabic

Date: 1929
A letter written in Arabic to Joseph Oussani from the Gorra Brothers of Shanghai, China

Date: 1971
A photo of the Mary Mokarzel and friends in Hong Kong. Mary is second from the left. (Folder 2-1-2-14)
Mokarzel 2-1-2-14 Hong Kong_wm.jpg

Date: 1971
A photo of Mary Mokarzel in Hong Kong. (Folder 2-1-2-13)
Mokarzel 2-1-2-13 Hong Kong_wm.jpg

A photograph of Joseph Zaytoun posing outside in his military uniform while in China during World War II. He is smiling at the camera and has his hands balanced on his leg. Dated December 1945.
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