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Date: 1963
A photograph of the taken of the seven El-Khouri children at the Seaquarium in Miami, Florida. The trip was taken in part so that Joseph El-Khouri could attend the 1963 Lion's Convention.
El-Khouri_Miami Vacation 1963_2_wm.jpg

Date: 1963
Two variations of photographs taken of Joseph with his seven children in a swimming pool during the El-Khouri family vacation to Miami, Florida. The trip was taken in part so that Joseph El-Khouri could attend the 1963 Lion's Convention.
El-Khouri_Miami Vacation Joseph with Anthony George Catherine Barbara Marsha Mariam Theresa 1963_1_wm.jpg

Date: 1965
A portrait of Charlie Abed, age six, with his four siblings.
Abed_charlie six with siblings_wm.jpg

Date: 1966
Caption from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver: "Easter with Our Sithoo 1966"

Six of the seven children of Joseph and Rose El-Khouri pose with their grandmother Moura Isaac (seated, center).

Date: 1966
Two alternate photographs of the El-Khouri children taken during a 1966 El-Khouri family trip to ride the Bear Creek Junction Railroad in western North Carolina.
El-Khouri_National Train Ride 1966_6_wm.jpg

Date: 1967
Note from Charles Abed: "1967, in the playground with: Hany Abed, Jon Ferzian, Br. John and Joseph Tannous"
Abed_playing soccer_wm.jpg

Date: 1971
A photograph of Bearta Al-Chacar Powell and siblings on their first day in the Children's Village S.O.S orphanage in Bikfaya, Lebanon.
sos pic.jpg

Date: 1997
The four Abed children--Mira, Erica, Richard, and Sasha--posing in the cedars of Lebanon.
Abed_children in cedars_wm.jpg

Date: 2009
A photograph of Patricia and George Raad with their three children: George Jr., Anthony, and Alice.

Date: abt 1931
A photograph of unknown girl, Leonard Oussani, and Dorothy Fuleihan standing in a yard with a dog

Date: abt 1932
A photograph of a group of young people, two young women, two boys, and one young girl, Dorothy Fuleihan, standing in front of a stone structure

Date: abt 1932
A photograph of two small children, including Dorothy Fuleihan, standing beside a small tree in a yard

Date: abt 1933
A photograph of a baby Neville Fuleihan

Date: abt 1933
A photograph of a baby Neville Fuleihan

Date: abt 1933
A photograph of Neville Fuleihan in a stroller sitting beside large rocks

Date: April 1926
A photo of Mokarzels in Beirut, Lebanon. Left to right: Lila Mokarzel and Helen Kalil Mokarzel. The caption on the back of the photo states "Nadi Al-Sayaddy." (Folder 2-1-1-15)
Mokarzel 2-1-1-15 Helen Lila_wm.jpg

Date: April 1963
The El-Khouri family enjoy themselves at a home gathering (Folder 2-4).
Khouri 2-4 Photo_wm.tif

Date: August 2000
A photograph of, from left to right, Sasha Yehya, Georgina Ishak, Amira Ishak, Youssef Ishak, Joanna Yehia and Karmina Ishak. Taken in Arz (Cedars of Lebanon).
Ishak_Climbing Mtn-wm.jpg

Date: c. 1915
Victoria Alkazin Baddour (right) and her older sister Rose Alkazin Reyes. Though undated, the photo was likely taken between 1912 and 1915.
Baddour_victoria and rose and children_undated_wm.jpg

Date: c. 1960
A photograph of young Wade and Kathleen Saleeby, standing outside together with a young child, perhaps their eldest son, Wade Samir Saleeby, Jr.
1956 - 05 - Scan3297, December 16, 2002.jpg

Date: c. 1990
Back Row Right to Left: Joseph Maroun and Rose El-Khouri; Middle Row second from Right: Marsha El-Khouri Shiver. Others in Picture: George, Theresa, Mariam, Barbara, Anthony and Catherine El-Khouri.

Date: Circa 1910s
A photo of the Mokarzel sisters in their early childhood. Left to right: Rose Mokarzel, Alice Mokarzel, and Mary Mokarzel. The caption on the back reads "The three musketeers in their childhood...Rose and Mary fought for pink ribbon." (Folder…
Mokarzel 2-1-1-19 Mokarzel Sisters_WM.jpg

Date: Circa 1916
A photo of the three oldest Mokarzel sisters with their friends . The children are outdoors, in the background are small trees and several houses. Left to right: Mary Mokarzel, Alice Mokarzel, four unidentified children, and Rose Mokarzel. (Folder…
Mokarzel 2-1-5-5 Children_wm.jpg
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