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Date: 1912
A bond from the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America, Inc., to Joseph Oussani for the sum of $30,000, dated July 1912

Date: 1915
Legal Document marked General Release from J. Alva Jenkins to Joseph Oussani, dated 17 August, 1915

Date: 1915
A legal document marked opinion regarding Catholic Foreign Mission Society, Respondent v. Joseph Oussani, Appellant, and J. Alva Jenkins, Defendant, dated 1915

Date: 1915
General Release from Joseph Oussani and J. Alva Jenkins to Catholic Foreign Mission Society as a result of legal action between the two, dated 9 August 1915

Date: 1915
A Memorandum of Agreement between Joseph Oussani, J. Alva Jenkins, and The Catholic Foreign Mission Society, 6 August 1915
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