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Date: 1915-1917
A bound photo book belonging to Margaret Oussani containing photographs of various Oussani family members in California and New York, hiking, swimming, and at the beach.

Date: 1919
A First National Bank of Fresno, California, bank check paid to the order of Gladys Oussani for $500 from Joseph Oussani dated 16 August 1919.

Date: 1929 May 18
Content Warning: Materials in this collection contain harmful content, including racist and white supremacist language, graphic descriptions of lynching, and other forms of violence.

Volume 5 Issue 04 of The Syrian World published December 1930. The issue begins with an article by Rev. W. A. Mansur that features his thoughts on the educational program that the Syrian-American generation follows. Mansur imbues his writing with…

Date: 1938
A photograph of Vivian Salem and Albert Salem in front of a house in California. Albert Salem wears a dark-colored suit and vest and holds a pipe in one hand. Vivian Salem stands next to him in a dark-colored skirt suit and hat. Dated 1938.

Date: 1946
Sonatina No. 2 Piano Solo by Anis Fuleihan. Copyright 1946 by Delkas Music Publishing Company, Los Angeles, California.

Date: 1947 June
A photograph of Margaret Zinchuck Oussani, Gladys and Dotty Oussani, and a baby standing outside in Del Monte, California.

Date: 1968
A press pass in Helen Mokarzel's name for the Nationalities Press Meeting in San Francisco. It is possible that "Helen Mokarzel" refers to Yemna Helen Mokarzel, as this card was found in a folder of her papers. (Folder 2-1-3-21)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-21a Nixon_wm.jpg

Date: 1969
A card with a religious figure on the front and a simple prayer on the back dedicated to the memory of Margaret Oussani (1915-1969) produced by Dorney and Farlinger Chapel, Monterey, California.

Date: 1971 August
A newspaper article, "First Name In Lebanon Means a Lot," published in the Los Angeles Times-Washington Post News Service in August 1971.

Date: 1974
A card memorializing Leonard Oussani, born 1917 and died 1974, printed by Seaside Mortuary, Seaside, California.

Date: 1981
Two booklets and loose correspondence for the 25th anniversary celebration of St. Anthony's Orthodox Church of Bergenfield, New Jersey. One booklet contains the program and menu for the event. The other booklet contains a history of St. Anthony's and…

A letter and envelope from Khouri Boutrus al Tannouri addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y., 13619, U.S.A. Sent by Airmail from Beirut, Lebanon. Containing a stamp from Long Beach, California.

Date: 1982 Sep
A photograph of Raymond Fuleihan standing outside his home in Palo Alto, California.

Date: circa 1934
A photograph of Leonard Oussani holding a trumpet, taken in Monterey, California.

Date: undated
Property description for real estate in San Diego, California.

Date: undated
The Reggie, also known as Araigi, family tree.'sFamilyTree_001.pdf
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