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A business card for N. S. Fuleihan and Company, Manufacturers Representatives and Distributors at 14 Chareh Maghrabi in Cairo, Egypt

Date: 1928
A passport, mostly in French and Arabic, issued to Irene Mikhail Parapano, resident at Cairo, Egypt

Date: 1920s
An envelope with photo negatives. There are some from a trip abroad, possibly Egypt. Including photographs of Isabel Oussani, Margaret Oussani, Leonard Oussani, and Nasri Fuleihan.

رسالة من محمد كرد علي الى امين الريحاني بتاريخ 29 ايار 1906. كرد يخبر الريحاني بالصدى الطيب والجيد الذي حققته رسالة الاخير "ريح سموم" عند نشرها في جريدة المقتبس (جريدة كرد الصادرة في القاهرة)، وبانه يتوقع ان يكون للرسالة الثانية "جيوش المستقبل" صدى…

Date: 1920-08-25
A letter to James T. White and Co. from The Moslem World Quarterly. The letter addresses a copy of "The Luzumiyat" being reviewed for their October 1920 issue. Dated August 25, 1920.
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