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A letter from Nadim Attallah who sends greetings from him and Krouger to the family and asks why they haven't received any letters from them recently. He updates his father that they received letters from As'ad and their son in law that businesses…

A letter from Nadim Attallah who updates Krouger about life and businesses in Africa

A letter from Nadim Attallah who confirms sending 6000 francs and updates Krouger about life and businesses in Africa, businesses are bad. Dated September 24, 1947, Kouroussa, Guinea.

A letter from Nadim Attallah who sends greetings on Christmas and New Years. He updates Krouger about businesses in Kouroussa: the Company's financial situation is bad and in debt, to ask cousin Shikrallah to take Krouger's 100000 francs from the…

A letter from Nassar Attallah who sends his greetings to all of the family and Father Tobia. He also asks him about his (Nassar) shop in Lebanon, if it's been sold or can be sold, and is awaiting Father Tobia's reply. Nassar sends 5 rials to Father…

Date: undated
A postcard depicting a flower parade on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ. One of the shops shown is Jereissati Bros. Auction Sale. A sign out front advertises oriental rugs and hangings.

Date: 2008
A short profile of Cecilia Saleh, conducted with the translation help of her son, Sam. The brief interview touches on Cecilia's immigration to the United States and her role in the family business.

Date: 1908-1909
A digital version of the first edition of The Syrian Business Directory written and compiled by Salloum Mokarzel and H.F. Otash in the early 1900s. The directory was a voluntary register of Lebanese American business owners in the United States. A…
Syrian-American Business Directory 1908-1909_ocr_wm.pdf

A newspaper article in the December 20, 1987, issue of the Statesville Record & Landmark celebrating the 75th birthday of the John Mack & Son department store in Mooresville, NC.

An article published in The Bladen Journal announcing the retirement of Alma Parker Farris and the closing of the Farris Department Store. The article contains a photograph of Alma and a description of her impact on Elizabethtown, NC.

An article from the Fayetteville Observer announcing the closure of Alma Farris's Farris Department Store upon her retirement at the age of 90. The second part of the article is not included. This clipping includes a photograph of Alma in her store…

Date: 1928 July 19
An impromptu address made by Tom Abdalla to all of his store employees in Smithfield, NC.

Date: 1947 March
A pamphlet produced for the 40th anniversary banquet of the United Syrian Charitable Society, which took place in 1947 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The society was established in 1907 with the goal of providing a gathering place for immigrants and…
1947_united syrian charitable society.pdf

Date: 1901
A cigarette ad for Yak Oussani's Egyptian King Cigarettes.

A screenshot capture of the Zaytoun & Associates, Inc. website that includes their About Us page, pictures and list of their employees, and insurance information.

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Date: 1930s
A photo of Cassie Abdalla (left) in front of her Style Shop in downtown Selma, NC.

Date: undated
A photo of an unidentified boy in front of Abdalla's Market.

Date: 2005
A silver medal awarded to Wael Abou-Chakra by the Engineers of Ireland in 2005.

Date: 2008
A photograph of Wael Abou-Chakra posing with the Inventor of the Year Award given to him by IBM in 2008.

Date: 1945
A photograph of Mr. Broodbeck standing in front of a house in a light-colored shirt. The back states that he is visiting Myrtle Beach, SC, to attend the Newspaper and Magazine Convention. Dated 1945.

Date: 1945
A photograph of Agnes Murman sitting on a towel in the sand with an unknown man. She wears a light-colored bathing suit and looks down while her friend squints at the camera. The back of the photograph states that Agnes Murman is in Myrtle Beach, SC,…

Date: 1945
A photograph of Namona Wilson, the Zaytoun News Agency Wholesale secretary, standing in a dark-colored dress with a belt. Behind her are a couple cars and a brick building. Dated 1945.

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Date: 1945
A photograph of Agnes Murman sitting at a desk in an office located at 50 Middle St., New Bern, NC. She wears a sweater with a collared blouse while holding a sealed letter in her hand. In the background is an advertisement for True Magazine. Dated…

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Date: 1945
A photograph of Thelma Zaytoun and Agnes Murman standing in an office located at 50 Middle St., New Bern, NC. Agnes Murman is reading a letter and wearing a dark colored-coat while Thelma Zaytoun looks over her shoulder and reads along. Dated 1945.

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Date: 1945
A photograph of Thelma Zaytoun sitting at a desk in an office located at 50 Middle St., New Bern, NC. She wears a light-colored sweater and dark-colored skirt with her arm propped against the desk. In front of her is a typewriter and a picture of her…

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