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A letter from As'ad Attallah who updates his father on the situation in Brazil following the revolution. He asks to know the cost and model of the printers required to open a newspaper or magazine in Lebanon and in his next letter he will send him…

A letter from As'ad Zacharias to Father Tobia Attallah. Zacharias describes how business has been bad since 1926. He updates him about As'ad, son, and his family, and asks about the rest of family. Dated March 2, 1932, Altamira, Brazil.

Date: 1923 July 04
A letter from As'ad who informs his father, Father Tobia, that he received his letter happily and businesses are not running very well, he is sorry he cannot send them money to support them. He advices to take money from [Sheikh As'ad] and he will…

Date: undated
This is page 2 of a letter, page 1 not available. As'ad assures his father that he will send more money when businesses are better. Undated.

A letter from Aziz who writes about sending money to his father through Ottoman Bank and reassures him about his businesses. He sends his greetings to family and friends.

A letter from Aziz informing his father that business is not going well and that is the reason why he didn't write for a while. He also shares that his brother, Salem, is moving to Salem, West Virginia, to open a new store. Aziz sends greetings to…

A letter from Aziz reassuring his father about his life and work. He asks about his brother Youssuf and whether he needs money or anything else while he is in school. Aziz tells his father that he would send some money when he could and that his…

Date: 1902 May 18
A letter from Aziz who sends greetings to his family and friends and tells his father that he sent him money. Aziz also shares that he recently partnered with his cousin for business.

A cover of Biotechnology Magazine featuring Raja Khalifah and James Wassenberg at work at BioStratum. This special report on Khalifah's work at BioStratum was published in the January 14, 2005, edition of the magazine.

An article published in the Wall Street Journal profiling Wael Al-Chakra's position as leader for IBM's Corporate Service Corps, established in 2008 and dedicated to aiding local nonprofits.

A letter from Georges Chaya who sends wishes and greetings for New Year and updates Krouger on the Lebanese Company situation. He also asks Krouger about his copy of the 'Orient' newspaper. Dated January 1, 1948, Kouroussa, Guinea.

A letter from Shikrallah Chaya who expresses his happiness that Krouger is arriving soon to Guinea, and bringing his wife with him. He updates him about businesses, things are bad. Dated April 26, 1948, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949 July 14
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger that businesses are bad and he best stay in Lebanon. He also tells him that Nadim is indebted to the Lebanese Company 200000 francs. They seized his properties and they made an appeal that he would…

A letter from Daniel J. Faour in New York, dated December 4, 1893, to the N.N. Brass Company about rattles that were ordered and had yet to arrive. The letterhead is of "Danial J. Faour &

Two letters from Franklin D. Roosevelt to M. Mansour and the calling card given to M. Mansour by Franklin D. Roosevelt's campaign. One letter is a campaign letter from to Franklin D. Roosevelt to M. Mansour requesting a meeting

Date: 1911
A postcard depicting the Whitehall Building on Washington St. in Battery Place. There was a store in the bottom corner of the buildling run by a Syrian man by the name of Kato or Kado. This view of the building shows what the Arabs saw when they were…

A program printed in honor of the Diamond Anniversary celebration of John Mack & Son Department store in Mooresville, North Carolina. The program contains photographs from the store's 75 continuous years of operation and includes an early history of…

A letter from Joseph Chaya who confirms receipt of Krouger's letter and updates him about businesses in Africa, and Nadim. Dated March 12, 1947, Kouroussa, Guinea.

A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks about his father's health and news. He informs him that no letters from his brother As'ad and his son in law. He also opened a shop. Dated January 1, 1940, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1932 June 23
A letter from Krouger Attallah and Nadim Attallah who send 400 francs (20 liras) and apologize for the small amount but businesses as they describe are not well. They share that As'ad married Jadete Bizar and apologize on behalf of As'ad for not…

Date: undated
A blank postcard depicting a scene of the boardwalk above Virginia Avenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey. One of the store fronts is Alkazin.

Date: 1912 July
A postcard depicting Marie Azeez’s shop with images of The Loraine and The St. Charles in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The image is copyrighted in 1908. The postcard contains writing to an Earl Fluke dated July 1912.

Date: circa 1955
The grand opening upon the major remodel of John Mack & Son, which took place in the mid-1950s. Second from left is Mitchell, next to his father, Side, and sister, Madeline. Other individuals in the photograph are unidentified.

Date: 2007
The 2008 Historic Mooresville Calendar, which featured archival photographs from Mooresville's history. The month of November was sponsored by John Mack & Son Department Store and includes photographs of the family and the business.

Date: 1931 June 01
A letter from Nadim Attallah who asks his sister, Angele Attallah, why they haven't written to him and if everything is good. He also asks if they know anything about As'ad and explains that businesses are not running very well. Dated June 1, 1931,…
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