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A framed portait of Marta and Dr. Habib Sawaya in Bteghrine, Lebanon.

Date: 1947
Sawaya 1947 Family Reunion Key. Group family photograph taken at the Sawaya family reunion in Bteghrine, Lebanon in 1947. All people in photograph have been identified on the second document.

Photograph of four Sawaya cousins in front of home in Bteghrine, Lebanon

Photograph of a sign for Dr. Anis N. Sawaya Dermatology and Cosmetology Business located in Bteghrine, Lebanon. They are the first cousin of George Kahdy.

An exterior photograph of the home of Mary and Mikal Mitri Wehbie Saliba in Bteghrine, Lebanon

An exterior photograph of church bell towers in Bteghrine, which were funded by George Kahdy's father.

Photograph of Barbara Kahdy Estes posing on the steps of a church located in Bteghrine, Lebanon.
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