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A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Kouri Youssef Awn on December 25, 1912, to confirm the birth of an individual whose name is illegible.

Date: 1910 Feb 15
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef (last name not clear) on February 15, 1910. It confirms the birthdate of Abdullah Najim Salloum in January, 1894, and baptism on January 30, 1894. Godfather was Abduallah Hannah and godmother was…

Date: 1911 June 29
A handwritten letter from Rev. Moses Abihider, pastor of the Syrian Greek Orthodox Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on June 29, 1911. It certifies that Abraham Faris Abihider's (AbiH-ider) birthplace was Baskinta, Lebanon, and his date of baptism…

Date: 1912 May 28
A birth record issued on May 28, 1912, by Lawrence, Massachusetts City Clerk's Office certifying that Abraham P. Khoury was born November 28, 1902, to Peter Khoury and Julia Sawan of 351 Elm St. His father was a mill operative.

An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Francis Basile on August 30, 1913. It confirms the birthdate of Adele Abdullah Aqel alBistany on January 20, 1896, putting their age at 17 years and 7 months.

Date: 1922 Nov 16
A birth record issued by the City of Lawrence City Clerk's Office on November 16, 1922. It certifies that Adella Solomon, child of Bashara Solomon and Raffaela Habib Solomon, was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, on March 20, 1906.

Date: undated
A record certifying Alfred Dowaliby's birthdate as September 24, 1914. It lists his place of birth, 53 White St., Lawrence, Massachusetts. It also includes his father's name, Ameen Dowaliby, mother's name, Julia Abdabor Dowaliby, and their respective…

Date: 1906 July
This birth record, issued by St. Anthony Syrian Maronite Roman Catholic Church at 256 Elm St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, lists Alice Assaf's date of birth as March 5, 1906, and date of baptism as July 3, 1906. It also provides her father's name,…

A typed letter certifying Alice Darowish's birthdate as April 12, 1900, and birthplace as Boro, Shanandoah, Pennsylvania. It lists the name of her father, D. E. Darowish, and his residence, 134 E. Coal St., Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. It bears a seal…

Date: 1912 May 6
A handwritten letter confirming the age of (first name not clear), the daughter of Asaad Khutar Abi Raad, as 16, and her birthdate as August 6, 1897. She was baptized in the same month. This letter was written by Father Khouri Boutrus Bakalbani on…

Date: 1909 Aug 18
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Written by Father Khouri Hannah Zizhzghy on August 18, 1909, the letter certifies that Amia Nimy, daughter of Makhoul Nimy, was born March 3, 1894, in Falougha. A note on the bottom, in different…

Date: undated
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Nematallah. It confirms the birthdate of Anissa, the daughter of Eid Khalil Assi, on April 12, 1898.

Date: 1914 Nov 28
An Arabic letter handwritten Fr. Basila Nahas on November 28, 1914. It confirms the birthdate of Annie alRaei on August 15, 1897. A stamp at the top indicates that it was written by the pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Date: 1909 Sept 12
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirms the birthdate of Antonios Mari'a Tannour on July 29, 1893. Written by Father Khouri Elias Qardahi on September 12, 1909.

Date: 1909 Oct 9
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirms the birthdate of Assaad, son of Sulaiman Ta'my, on October 1, 1894, and their baptism on November 5. Written by Father Khouri Romanos on October 9, 1909.

Date: undated
This is record is a certificate certifying that Ayda Arrajj is older than 16 years of age. It lists Ayda's date of birth as April 5, 1897, and was signed by M. Schwartz, M.D. It also shows Ayda's address as 2 Bennington St.

Date: 1932
A "baby's record" book for Neville Fuleihan. The book is mostly empty but contains a letter regarding Neville's name change.

A birth record issued by the City of Lawrence City Clerk's Office on January 25, 1915. It certifies Barney Bolis's birthdate as August 23, 1902, and lists his parents as Michael Bolis and Marcella Belris. It was signed by Edward S. Wade, city clerk.

Date: circa 1991
Charlie Abed soon after the birth of his triplets, Erica, Richard, and Sasha.

Date: 1911
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus on (month not clear) 17, 1911. Confirms the birthdate of Chickery Youssed Naseef Abu Kher on January 15, 1896.

Date: 1922 Sept 30
A birth record, issued by the town clerk's office of Everett, Massachusetts, certifying that Dana Mansur, child of Alfred and Jennie Mansur, was born April 5, 1908. The certificate was signed by the clerk on September 30, 1922.

Date: 1922 Aug
A typed document created in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and signed by the notary public in August, 1922. It contains the testimony of Sarah Sofeir of 384 Elm St. that her daughter, Deebey Sofeir, was born on August 17, 1906. It states that Deebey was…

Date: 1935 Sept 6
A birth record produced by the City of Boston Registry Department on September 6, 1935. It certifies that Edmund George Samra, son of Abraham and Ella Samra, was born on March 12, 1930.

Date: 1916 Feb 7
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef Samaan on February 7, 1916. Confirms the birthdate of (name not clear, likely Effie) on April 22, 1902, and baptism on July 7, 1902. Also confirms the birthdate of Daowd on June 15, 1902, and…

Date: 1907 July 20
A handwritten letter in Arabic from Priest Koury Mikael Koury, written on July 20, 1907. It is also translated into English. It certifies Elias Mousa Bicharah's birthdate as August 2, 1893, and his baptism date as September 1, 1893.
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