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Date: March 1913
A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirm the birthdate of Said Francis Tabit on November 21, 1894. Wrtten by (name not clear) on March 1, 1913.

Date: March 1913
A handwritten letter from Rev. Simon [Ltibe?] on March 1, 1913. It ceritfies Said Francis's birth date as November 21, 1894 in Alremidie, Mount Lebanon.

Date: October 1912
A certificate from the state of New Hampshire Department of Public Instruction, Manchester district, certifying that Rasheedy Shedeed was born in Syria on April 7, 1896. It was signed by Curtis N. Davis, Superintendent of Schools, on October 11,…

Date: 1904
A birth record for Gabriel Joseph, date of birth December 3, 1904, place of birth, Waterville, Maine. It lists the father's name as Abraham Joseph and occupation as Merchant, and the mother's maiden name as Raphael Joseph.

Date: Unknown
A handwritten letter from Anna Murphy of the Special School in Lawrence, Massachusetts, stating that George Salmi lost his passport and wants to go to work. She states that she saw his passport when he came to school and was born on October 25, 1906.…

Date: August 1922
A typed document created in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and signed by the notary public on August 22, 1922. It contains the testimony of Sarah Sofeir of 384 Elm St. that her daughter, Deebey Sofeir was born in on August 17, 1906. It states that Deebey…

Date: 1912
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Writen by Rev. Peter Serrill it certifies that Najieb Usef was born on December 25, 1895. age (17).

Date: May 1909
A letter handwritten by Rev. Moses Otto Hider in Baskinta, Lebanon May 3, 1909. It certifies that George Fireige, son of Assad Fireige, was born in 1893 and baptized on August 15, 1893.

Date: October 1920
A letter from Rev. Moses Bohider certifying that Elias Nasser was born in Mt. Lebanon on May 12, 1896 and baptized June 18, 1896. The letter was sent from Hammana, Lebanon, on October 18, 1920.

Date: August 1921
A school record (2 pgs) for Alice Abbas created on August 17, 1921. The record indicates taht Alice was born on November 25, 1906. The record was issued by the Massachusetts Department of Labor and Industries in Massachusetts and was filled out by…

Date: January 1912
A letter from E. J. Cate, Truant Officer for Lawrence Public Schools written on January 4, 1912. It requests the opinion of Dr. J. H. Bannon on the age of Jennie Salem. It lists her birthdate as December 27, 1895, although he questions it. On the…

A handwritten letter from Clark Carter, Secretary of the Lawrence City Mission written on September 18, 1909 on a page with letterhead for the mission, which was located at 206 Essex St. It was written to help prove that Charles Own [Khalil Aoun] was…

Date: May 1912
A birth record, issued on May 28, 1912 by Lawrence, Massachusetts City Clerk's Office, certifying that Abraham P. Khoury was born November 28, 1902 to Peter Khoury and Julia Sawan of 351 Elm St. His father was a mill operative.

Date: October 1921
An affidavit signed by Mrs. Mary Aoun of 262 Hampshire St., Lawrence, Massachusetts, attesting that Mary Nader was 17 years old and not 14, as her father believed, based on the fact that she lived in the village when Mary Nader was born. The…

An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef Mubarak on February 24, 1908. It confirms the age of Maryam, daughter of Mansour (16). On the back of the letter, handwritten in pencil, is "Mary Mansour"

Date: March 1909
An Arabic letter by Father Khouri Youssef Mansour on March 3, 1909. It confirms the birthdate of two children of Nassif al Bistany: Kaisar on June 29, 1892, and Ogany on August 12, 1893.

Date: March 1909
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Youssef Mansour on March 26, 1909. It confirms the age of Saeed the son of (first name not clear) Habib Elias Albistani on January 10, 1893.

Date: October 1910
A handwritten letter (two pages) in Arabic. Page one: letter to Rasheed Hannah al Kadeh written on October 17, 1910, by a cousin named Rosa. It contains family greetings, recommendation (advice) to take care of children and not to separate from them,…

Date: March 1911
A handwritten letter in Arabic, written by Father Khouri Rafael on March 10, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of Nematallah and Kathrine (Twins) on November 2, 1894. A penciled note reads "Nantala Makray."

Date: October 1908
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Nofia on October 5, 1908. It confirms the birthdate of Fadwa daughter of Fadhleh Njaimeh on August 26, 1893.
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