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Date: 2000's ?
A card from Mettrie Lari that refers to a trip that her mother Barbara and Jim Estes went on. The outside of the card is a side note from Mettrie Lari wishing Barbara Estes a happy Mothers' day.

Date: 2004-02-07
A card from Nell and George Kahdy to Barbara and Jim Estes wishing them a good time in Arizona. She also talks about the weather and how she's grateful for the communication she has with her children and grandchildren. Dated February 7, 2004.

Date: 2002-02-28
A forwarded email from Mettrie to her mother from a Belarusian student, Alexander Balyka, who had coincidentally met Barbara at the Highlands Fall Country Club in Highlands, North Carolina. He mentions that with her help, he is able to gain admission…

Date: 2013-12
A handwritten birthday card from Georgette Kahdy to her sister Barbara Estes. It details how much Georgette values Barbara and mentions a future trip they are taking together. Dated December 2013.

Date: 2011-06-30
A newspaper clipping of Barbara Estes and her two grandchildren Nora and Price Colussy-Estes. The bottom of the photo states this was after Barbara played Dr. Florence Ravenel in History Live! Published in The Highlander, June 30, 2011

Date: 1951
George Kahdy stands with his hand on his daughter's shoulder while Sally stands on the other side of him. They are all dressed formally and stand outside near a sidewalk. Caption on the front reads, "1951. Barbara, Sally, George."

Date: 2009
A series of scenes with both Barbara Estes and Callie Stanley. The top of the first page says, "obtained from Callie when we had lunch in Fayetteville, North Carolina." Dated June 2009. A newspaper article of Callie Stanley's life as she was growing…

Date: 2013-07
Barbara Estes and her Spanish teacher sit together on a wall in Puebla, Mexico. Caption on the back reads, "Barbara and her spanish teacher in Puebla, Mexico. Trip with Georgette July 2013."

Date: 1967
Barbara Estes stands outside in a long sleeved wedding dress. In her right hand she holds a small bouquet.

Date: 1981-02-04
Barbara Estes' passport after her last name changed to Dorsey.

Date: 1986-01-13
Barbara Estes' passport after her last name changed to Estes.

Date: 1965-04-22
Barbara Estes' passport before changing her last name to Estes. This document also contains a vaccination record.

Date: 1945
Photograph of Barbara Kahdy and Jay Salem as babies in a wooden crib together outside.

Date: 2013
Barbara Estes and Georgette Kahdy Stone in Mexico during a trip with Barbara's Spanish class.

Date: 1950's
Barbara Kahdy smiles and sits in a wagon. While she's sitting, she holds onto the handle and leans against it. She is wearing a casual dress and thin jacket.

Date: 1950's
Photograph of Barbara Estes Kahdy at age 5 with Aunt Fi in Portland

Date: 1956-07
Barbara Kahdy waves as her siblings Georgette and George Kahdy Jr. stand next to her. Caption on the back states, "Away out in nowhere- On the Old Oregon Trail."

Date: 1999
An email exchange between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes in which they discuss Mettrie's friend who recently had her first child, Mettrie's adjustment to life in New York and her vacation to California.

Date: 2012
A chain of emails that refers to Mettrie Lari's diagnosis of breast cancer and her subsequent double mastectomy. Another chain of emails from three months earlier between Mettrie Lari and her mother Barbara Estes goes into detail about how their…

George Kahdy smiles and holds the shoulders of two young girls. One girl has "Sue" painted on her dress and the other girl has "Lou" on the front of her dress. Barbara sits in front of the three of them as she smiles. Caption on the back reads,…

Date: 1995
George Jr., Georgette, Barbara, George and Nell Kahdy smile and pose together in formal clothing. Back caption lists the names of the family members in the photo and dates this photo in 1995.

Date: 1945-12
George Kahdy holds his young daughter, Barbara Kahdy up while they are both outside. George Kahdy is dressed in a formal suit while his daughter is bundled in a warm, light colored outfit. Caption on the back reads, "1945 Arlington."

Date: 1945-12-01
George and Nell Kahdy stand side by side as they hold their young daughter, Barbara. They are all dressed in formal clothing in Arlington, Virginia. Caption on the back reads, "George and Nell with Barbara 1945."

Date: 1956-07
Asaf Kahdy stands with his arms around his granddaughters Barbara and Georgette. George Jr. stands next to his grandmother Adma Kahdy who is holding a small bouquet of flowers. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, dad, mom, Barbara, Georgette. Just…

Date: 1950's
Georgette, Barbara, and George Jr. Kahdy stand side by side in the snow. They are all dressed in winter jackets, rain boots, gloves, and hats. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, Barbara, George 50's."
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