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Date: 1950's
Nell and George Kahdy stand with their arms draped over their young daughter Barbara's Kahdy shoulders. The three of them stand outside with a house in the background.

Date: 1950's
Barbara Kahdy smiles and sits in a wagon. While she's sitting, she holds onto the handle and leans against it. She is wearing a casual dress and thin jacket.

Date: 1950's
Nell Kahdy serves her three young children lunch as they sit in front of a small makeshift table. Young George Jr. looks at the camera while his two sisters, Georgette and Barbara eat their lunches.

Date: 1955-03
Georgette, George Jr., and Barbara Kahdy stand with their neighbor Ann Buffaloe outside of a nearby house. Caption on the back reads, "308 Pace Street with Ann Buffaloe- neighbor. Georgette, Ann, George, Barbara."

Date: 1950's
As Nell Kahdy sits with a binder in her lap, George Jr. and Georgette Kahdy sit on both sides of her. In front of Nell Kahdy sits Barbara Kahdy who is reading "The Tale of the Crow" to all of them. Caption on the back reads, "Nell Kahdy teacher with…

Date: 1950's
Nell Kahdy sits down with a binder in her lap while Georgette, George Jr., and Barbara Kahdy surround her. George Jr. and Georgette are right next to her while Barbara Kahdy sits in front of her and reads "The Tale of the Crow" to them.

Date: 1950's
Young George Jr., Georgette, and Barbara Kahdy sit under a Christmas tree and unwrap presents.

Date: 1950's
Georgette, Barbara, and George Jr. Kahdy stand side by side in the snow. They are all dressed in winter jackets, rain boots, gloves, and hats. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, Barbara, George 50's."

Date: 1950's
Young Barbara Kahdy stands with her eyes closed in graduation attire next to two unknown people. An unknown woman in a matching graduation robe stands behind Barbara Kahdy and a young boy who is also wearing the graduation robe. The back of the photo…

Date: 1956-06
Young Barbara, George Jr., and Georgette Kahdy smile and stand outside in formal attire. Barbara and Georgette Kahdy hold papers and purses while their brother George Kahdy puts his hands in his pocket. In front of Barbara stands a small light…

Date: 1956-07
Barbara Kahdy waves as her siblings Georgette and George Kahdy Jr. stand next to her. Caption on the back states, "Away out in nowhere- On the Old Oregon Trail."

Date: 1956-07
Asaf Kahdy stands with his arms around his granddaughters Barbara and Georgette. George Jr. stands next to his grandmother Adma Kahdy who is holding a small bouquet of flowers. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, dad, mom, Barbara, Georgette. Just…

Date: 1957-03
Georgette, George, and Barbara Kahdy sit on bicycles with their neighbor Ann Bulbaloe outside of a nearby brick house. Caption on the back reads, "Kahdy kids with neighbor. Raleigh 308 Pace St."

George Kahdy smiles and holds the shoulders of two young girls. One girl has "Sue" painted on her dress and the other girl has "Lou" on the front of her dress. Barbara sits in front of the three of them as she smiles. Caption on the back reads,…

Date: 1960's
A portrait of Nell and Barbara Kahdy in casual clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Nell and Barbara 1960's."

Date: 1960's
A portrait of Barbara Kahdy smiling

Date: 1962-09-01
Newspaper clipping featuring Barbara Estes as Broughton's new teen writer. It commends the activities she participates in and her summer trip to Europe. Dated September 1, 1962.

Date: 1965-04-22
Barbara Estes' passport before changing her last name to Estes. This document also contains a vaccination record.

Date: 1967
Barbara Estes stands outside in a long sleeved wedding dress. In her right hand she holds a small bouquet.

Date: 1967-09
Nell Kahdy sits in a blue armchair while her son George Kahdy Jr., father in law Asaf Kahdy, and husband George Kahdy stand behind her in matching black and white tuxedos. Next to the three men stands her two daughters, Georgette and Barbara Kahdy.…

Date: 1981-02-04
Barbara Estes' passport after her last name changed to Dorsey.

Date: 1985-07-10
A handwritten card from George Kahdy to his daughter Barbara Estes. In this card, he sends his congratulations after Barbara sent news that Jim Estes and her were to be married. He talks about the weather and the event that Nell Kahdy is putting…

Date: 1986-01-13
Barbara Estes' passport after her last name changed to Estes.

Date: 1986-06-30
A handwritten card from Nell Kahdy to her daughter Barbara Estes and her husband Jim. She talks about her time in France and the variety of people that she meets while there.

Date: 1995
George Jr., Georgette, Barbara, George and Nell Kahdy smile and pose together in formal clothing. Back caption lists the names of the family members in the photo and dates this photo in 1995.
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