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Date: 1909 June 11
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus Aoun on June 11, 1909. It confirms the baptism of Khalil (Charles Owen), the son of Tannous Aoun, on January 15, 1895. At the bottom is a phrase handwritten in English: "Oliver School Register-…

Date: 1909 July 5
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus Najah Boutrus on July 5, 1909. It confirms the baptism of Beshara, son of (first name not clear) Elias Aboud in Saydet El Maounet Church on February 5, 1894. Beshara's godfather was his paternal…

Date: 1911 Aug 14
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus Rabil on August 14, 1911. Confirms the baptism of Ojaneh (Eugene) Rabil, the daughter of Maron Youssef Rabil, on September 12, 1895. Attached to the material related to George Gald.

Date: 1913 Oct 3
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Gabrial al Bustani on October 3, 1913. It confirms the baptism of Youssef Khalil BuDiwan on November 29, 1895, by Father Khouri Youssef.

A letter sent for George Abdalla's employment written by Abraham al Hage on March 20, 1910. The letter states that al Hage consulted a copy of Abdalla's baptismal record in the church that Abdalla was baptized in. Abdalla was baptized on May 12th,…

Date: 1939 May 16
A letter from Ana alAmouri who asks Father Tobia for a baptism certificate for her daughter, Caolina Fegury, and sends 120 francs for fees along with the address. Dated May 16, 1939.

Date: 1904 July 2
Handwritten letter in Arabic. Provided translation shows it was written July 2, 1904, by Father Anatolios Haddad to confirm that Afifi Barouki, daughter of the late Ibrahim Al Barouki, was baptized on August 21, 1894.

A letter by E. Butterfulk, Superintendent of Schools in Dover, New Hampshire, addressed to the Truant Officer and written on April 15, 1913. It indicates that the incorrect baptism was sent for George Gald (Galab)--Eugene Rabil's papers had been…

Date: undated
This letter, handwritten in both Arabic and English, certifies Taraf's, son of Faris Aown, birthdate as July 21, 1896, and baptism on November 26, 1896. His hometown is listed as Saghbeen, Syria. It lists his father as Faris Nekowla Elias Aown and…

This letter certifies Eva Baddour's baptism date as February 15, 1899, in St. Romane's Church, Hammana, Syria. It was signed by Rev. Elias Hadshety on October 8, 1915.

Date: 1913 Dec 22
An Arabic letter handwritten on December 22, 1913. The top portion is written by Rev. Eshahia Kefoury and certifies that Tooma Joseph Zaidan al Kassouf was baptized on July 5, 1895, by Rev. Ehalia Kefoury. It lists his mother as Helena Zhaib and…

Date: 1910 May
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English. Written by Rev. F. Michael Kouri, it certifies that Nazira Joseph Saidy was born on February 10, 1893, and baptzied on March 25, 1893.

Baptism certificates issued for: Aziz Youssef Polos and Tanious Youssef Polos, and Haikal Habib by Father Francis. Dated April 2, 1934.

A baptismal record for Toufic Ellis signed by Father Yousef Barroud, dated 30 April 1962.

Date: 1908 Dec 18
A letter written in English and Arabic by Father Khouri Gabriel on December 18, 1908. Certifies that Naim Jasser, son of Tannos Jasser, was born on April 10, 1893, and baptized on June 5, 1893. The Arabic portion lists the mother as Khazna, the…

Handwritten letter in Arabic and English. The letter certifies that Tom Nassif Ajamie was born on December 28, 1892 and was baptized on February 2, 1893. The letter was signed by Rev. Gabriel Kouri on December 18, 1908.

Date: 1912 May 13
A personal testimony by Joseph Nassif of Dover, New Hampshire, given on May 13, 1912. It translates the Arabic letter sent to certify Jadoun Hatem's age. Nassif testifies that Jdou [Jadoun] Hatem was baptized on May 8, 1896, in Hammana, Lebanon. It…

Date: 1913 June 16
This letter, dated June 16, 1913, was handwritten by Father Georges Kallass. It confirms Najeeb Assad's birthdate as October, 1896 and states that the Father performed his baptism at the St. Shalitah Church on October 23, 1896. It lists his father as…

Date: 1922 Sept 11
A handwritten letter in Arabic and English certifying the age of Karim Saliba. Lists their date of birth as March 3, 1903, and date of baptism as March 10, 1903. The letter in Arabic certifies the birthdate of Hanna Saliba on March 21, 1901, and her…

Date: 1912 Oct 14
A personal statement by Joseph Norsiff of Dover, New Hampshire, stating that Najeb E. Mansur was born November 17, 1895, and was christened on the same date in Hamana, Lebanon. The letter is typewritten, signed by both Norsiff and the State of New…

Date: 1906 Oct 12
A certificate in Arabic written on October 12, 1906, by Father Khouri Afram. It confirms the baptism of Maryam, daughter of Youssef alTahan, on March 9, 1890, by Father Khouri Boutrus alFrerie. Godmother was Zuhour, widow of Francis Abi Tamra. A…

Date: 1909 May 2
A letter stating that Nejib Khelil Yusif Sallum was born on January 12, 1894, and baptized on January 22, 1894. His godfather is listed as Elias Khelil and his godmother as the wife of Elias [name unknown, ? aroon]. It was written by Father Khouri…

Date: 1911 June 10
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Andraous Essa on June 10, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of Rasheedy Youssed al Batel on July 14, 1895, and baptism on September 25, 1895.

Date: 1914 June 14
A letter in Arabic handwritten by Father Khouri Boutros (last name unclear) on June 14, 1914. The letter confirms the baptism of Tawfiq Abdo Jerjes Mahir on March 25, 1899, in St George's Church.

A letter handwritten in Arabic by Father Khouri Boutrus Aoun in November, 1914. It confirms the age and baptism of Freda, the daughter of Youssed Michael Ghanim, on March 14, 1899, in Mar Elias Church. Her godfather was Tanous Aboud Martinious and…
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