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A poem expressing friendship from one friend to another, missing their travel and social associations

Date: August 1966
A letter from (creator not clear) to Najeeb (last name not clear). The letter is about the inheritance (land) of Abbas Ghustine Baddour. Other names included in letter: Naoum Kabkano, Martha Abbas Ghustine, George Ghali, Shukri Ghustine, Sicilia…

A scrapbook containing names, newspaper clippings, etc complied as a memorial to the life of Shukri Baddour, most likely created in 1938. Memorial Collection_wm.pdf

A list of names of people who called to express sympathy regarding the death of S. Baddour

Date: January 2007
An act to designate the Post Office at 200 N. William Street in Goldsboro, N.C. as the "Philip A. Baddour, Sr. Post Office."
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