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Date: August 1966
A letter from (creator not clear) to Najeeb (last name not clear). The letter is about the inheritance (land) of Abbas Ghustine Baddour. Other names included in letter: Naoum Kabkano, Martha Abbas Ghustine, George Ghali, Shukri Ghustine, Sicilia…

A poem expressing friendship from one friend to another, missing their travel and social associations

Date: 2007
A group photograph of the Baddour family during Christmas, 2007.
baddour_christmas family photo_2007_wm.jpg

Date: 2007
A group photograph of the Baddour family during Christmas, 2007.
baddour_christmas family photo_2007-2_wm.jpg

A photograph of Victoria Alkazin Baddour (center) with her children: Mitchell Baddour (bottom, seated), Philip Baddour (seated beside Victoria), Isabelle Baddour Dixon, Lorraine Baddour Corbett, Evelyn Baddour Mauro, and Mary Baddour Walker (seating…
Baddour_Victoria and children_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A group portrait of the Baddour family. Though undated, the image was probably taken in the 1970s.
Baddour_family photograph_circa 1970s_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A portrait of the Baddour family ot their Chestnut Street home in Goldsboro, NC in 1936. The home was purchased from selling stock in the Mt. Olive Pickle Company. Shickrey Baddour stands in the back row, third from the right.
Baddour_family photograph_circa 1930s-wm.jpg

A scrapbook containing names, newspaper clippings, etc complied as a memorial to the life of Shukri Baddour, most likely created in 1938. Memorial Collection_wm.pdf

A list of names of people who called to express sympathy regarding the death of S. Baddour

Date: October 1915
This letter certifies Eva Baddour's baptism date as February 15, 1899 in St. Romane's Church, Hammana, Syria. It was signed by Rev. Elias Hadshety on October 8, 1915.

Date: Unknown
A studio portrait of six men identified only as the Farfour brothers.
Baddour_farfour brothers_wm.jpg

Date: January 2007
An act to designate the Post Office at 200 N. William Street in Goldsboro, N.C. as the "Philip A. Baddour, Sr. Post Office."

Date: circa 1930s
A meeting of the Hammana Club at the Raleigh Moose Lodge, circa 1930s. Identified individuals in the photo include:
"Victoria Baddour
Neil Joseph
Nora Kannan (Matt’s great-grandmother)
Fadwa Rabil
Ellis Kannan (Wilson)
Evon Rabil (George’s…

Mitchell David Baddour and friends of the United States Navy, all in uniform. Baddour is third from left.
Baddour-mitch navy.jpg

Date: 1946
Facsimile of a portion of two documents presented to Mitchell Baddour, who was honorably discharged by the U.S. Navy in March 1946.
Baddour-navy certificate.jpg

Date: c. 1904
A studio portrait of Victoria Alkazin (standing), likely with her older sister Rose.
Baddour_Victoria and rose_children_wm.jpg

Date: 1941
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Louise Agnes Farfour in 1941, the year of her marriage to Philip Baddour.
Baddour_portrait of Louise Farfour_1941_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Louise Farfour Baddour.
Baddour_portrait of Louise Farfour_undated-wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Shickrey Baddour.

Date: circa 1910s
A studio portrait of Shickrey Baddour with his two oldest sons, Seef Charles and Joseph, from his first marriage.

Date: Unknown
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Victoria Alkazin Baddour.

Date: c. 1910
A studio portrait of young Victoria Alkazin before her marriage to Shikrey Baddour.
Baddour_young victoria baddour_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A photograph of three people; though unidentified, the woman on the right is likely Victoria Alkazin.
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