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Date: March 1911
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Khalil on March 21, 1911. It confirms the birthdate of Marie Ayoub al Hajjar on October 15, 1894, and baptism on November 30, 1894.

Date: Unknown
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Qudsi Saliba on January 8, 1913. It confirms the baptism and age of Gabriel Ayoub, that his age is 17.

This immigration record was produced at Ellis Island on November 25, 1912, sent to Bernard M. Sheriden, Superintendant of Schools in Lawrence, MA, and signed by Acting Commissioner Byron Hall. It confirms Gabriel [Gebraill] Ayoub's arrival in the…

Date: August 1913
This record is an application for an employment certificate for Gabriel Ayoub. It provides information about Gabriel, including residence, 4 Benington St., birthdate, December 1895, and other information. The record was signed on August 2, 1913 by T.…
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