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Date: 1940-01-01
A letter from Krouger Attallah who asks about his father's health and news. He informs him that no letters from his brother As'ad and his son in law. He also opened a shop. Dated January 1, 1940, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1946-04-24
A letter from Father Tobia who writes to another father who lives in the United States, expressing his happiness and thankfulness that he finally found out where he lives from a friend. Dated April 24, 1946.


Date: 1948-06-03
Electricity bill paid by Father Tobia Attallah. Dated June 3, 1948.


Date: 1948-07-12
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger that Nadim will send him an amount of money, and he will send the 50000. Dated July 12, 1948, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1948-07-22
A letter from Georges Chaya who asks about Krouger's arrival to Guinea and news in Lebanon. Dated July 22, 1948, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1948-08-06
A letter from from Badiha Moukarzel who requests her marriage and birth certificate because she wants to divorce her husband. Dated August 6, 1948, Cote d'Ivoire [Ivory Coast]

Date: 1948-09-18
A letter from Nadim Attallah who confirms sending money to Krouger and asks him when will he leave Lebanon. Dated September 18, 1948, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-02-10
A letter from Nadim Attallah who confirms sending money to Krouger. Dated February 10, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-03-02
A letter from Nadim Attallah who informs Krouger about a bank mistake when doing a transaction and Krouger needs to see a bank manager in Beirut to solve it and take his money. Dated March 2, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-04-09
A letter from Nadim Attallah who sends greetings to Krouger and family on Easter and informs Krouger that businesses are very bad. Dated April 9, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-07-14
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger that businesses are bad and he best stay in Lebanon. He also tells him that Nadim is indebted to the Lebanese Company 200000 francs. They seized his properties and they made an appeal that he would…

Date: 1949-08-18
A letter from Nadim Attallah who tells Krouger about his accident, his truck fell into the river and two people were killed. He will send him the money when this case is over. Dated August 18, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-08-29
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger about Nadim's accident. Dated August 29, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1953-08-24
Two letters from Muteea Deeb to Chahina Rahhal. Letter 1: dated August 24, 1953, Tripoli, Lebanon. Letter 2: dated September 15, 1953. Tripoli, Lebanon. Muteea informs and updates Chahina about the health of Miss Khalil and shares news about friends.…

Date: 1954-07-20
A letter from Micheal Saadeh: these are sweet words to Chahina. Words of friendship and passion, words of missing someone. Dated July 20, 1954, Chtoura, Lebanon.
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