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Date: October 1960
Letter to Jennie Jabaley of Copperhill, Tennessee from Malvina Choieree of Furn El Chubak (Furn El Chebbak), Beirut, Lebanon.The envelope is postmarked October 18, 1960 and October 22, 1960. Jennie (nee Moses) Jabaley was the mother William Patrick…
El-Khouri_Letter to Jennie Jabaley from Lebanon Oct10 1960_1_wm.jpg

The envelope of a letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri from Albert G. Jacob postmarked September 13, 1957. In the packet of mostly Arabic letters received from Marsha El-Khouri Shiver this envelope was empty and there was one letter without an envelope.…
El-Khouri_Envelope to Joseph from Lebanon Sep13 1957_1_wm.jpg
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