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A record, issued by the City Clerk's Office of Dover, New Hampshire on November 16, 1918, certifying Najib Dowaliby's birth date as November 12, 1904. It lists his father's name as Ameen Dowaliby.

A school record for James Dowaliby created on November 13, 1918. It states that he was born November 12, 1904. The record lists his residence as 53 White St., his parent as Ameen Dowaliby, and school as Tarbox School, and confirms his last grade…

Date: Unknown
A record certifying Alfred Dowaliby's birth date as September 24, 1914. It lists his place of birth, 53 White St., Lawrence, Massachusetts. It also includes his father's name, Ameen Dowaliby, mother's name, Julia Abdabor Dowaliby, and their…
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