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A telegram to Alfred Ellis from Oswaldo Acosta, undated

A Mother's Day card to Angele Ellis from Kail, Alf, Raff, and Delor Ellis, undated.

Date: 2019-04-06
An email from Raff Ellis to Kail and Theresa Ellis about the death of Alfred Ellis on 4 April 2019, dated 6 April 2019

Date: 2007-10-09
A postcard from South Africa addressed to Marie Angele from Alfred Ellis, 2007 October 9

Date: 2005-09-10
A card from Robert F. Prevost to Alfred Ellis for his 50th year in 'religious profession', dated 10 September 2005

Date: 2004-09-27
A postcard from Carthage addressed to 'The Burns Girls' from Alfred Ellis, dated 2004 September 27

Date: 2000-03-15
A postcard from South Africa addressed to Marie Angele from Alfred Ellis, 2000 March 15

Date: 1995-09-27
Postcard addressed to Alfreda Ellis from Alfred Ellis in Carthage, dated 1995 September 27

Date: 1995-09-26
A room card for Alfred Ellis at the Tavistock Hotel, arrival date was September 26 and departure date was September 27, the card has a note on the back

Date: 1994-03-11
A letter and envelope addressed to Kail Ellis from Alfred Ellis, dated 1994 March 11

Date: 1993-03-12
A letter from Alfred Ellis to Alfreda Ellis about the Kazen family, dated 12 March 1993

Date: 1993-03-11
A letter from Alfred Ellis to Angele and Alfreda Ellis, dated 11 March 1993

Date: 1969-10-13
A letter and envelope from Alfred Ellis to Angele Ellis and Toufic Ellis, dated 13 October 1969.

Date: 1966-04-17
A postcard from Yousef Hobeiche to Alfred Ellis, dated 17 April 1966.

Date: 1963-02-09
An ordination cloth embroidered with the words, 'In happy memory of my ordination to the sacred priesthood. Reverend Alfred Joseph Ellis, O. S. A.' Embroidered grapes and chalice are in the center, dated 9 February 1963.

Date: 1962-10-01
A telegram from Angele Ellis to Alfred Ellis, dated 1 October 1962. Addressed to the Augustinian College in Washington, D.C.

Date: 1958-02-26
A letter and stamped envelope from Reverend William J. Deary, Order of Saint Augustine, to Alfred Ellis, dated 26 February 1958. Written from Parroquia San Agustin in Mariano, Cuba.

Date: 1956-12
A letter from Alfreda Ellis to Alfred Ellis, dated 1956. The letter contains cut out, collaged images.

Date: 1949-08-06
A letter from Angele Ellis to Alfred Ellis, dated 6 August 1949. Sent on letterhead from The Khedivial Mail Line S. A. E, S.S. Mohamed Ali el Kebir.

A fragment from the Hobeiche family records regarding the birth and baptism of Namtallah Hobeiche (spelled Namtallah Galib Yousef Badr Hobeiche) who was born on 22 November 1963. The record is undated, but was translated by Angele Ellis on 16 July…

Date: 2013-02-16
An invitation to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ordination of: Rev. Arthur Johnson, Rev. Alfred Ellis, Rev. William Faix, and Rev. Gordon Marcellus, dated 16 February 2013

Date: 1994-02-13
A 'Reflections on Angele Ellis' by Alfred Ellis about his mother and her last moments before passing, dated 13 February 1994

Date: 1992-04-15
Mass of a Christian Burial' for Toufic Ellis by Alfred Ellis, dated 15 April 1992
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