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Kawkab Amirka, كوكب أمريكا, Vol. 1, no. 28. Articles in English include: a travelogue of Japan written by an unnamed "native" of Japan; a summary of the November, 1892 issue of Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly; a collection of "Oriental Items;" a…
kawkab amirka_vol 1 no 28_oct 21 1892_wmc.pdf

Kawkab Amirka, كوكب أمريكا, Vol. 1, no. 26. English articles include: a continuation of the paper's ongoing series on the "missionary controversy," translated from Arabic; a report--reprinted from another paper--on the conflict between European…
kawkab amirka_vol 1 no 26_oct 7 1892_wmc.pdf
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