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Volume 2 Issue 03 of The Syrian World published September 1927. The issue opens with an article by Prof J. Forrest Crawford on the Agricultural Situation in Syria. It is followed by more translated Syrian folk songs. There is an article addressed to…

Date: 1927 October
Volume 2 Issue 04 of The Syrian World published October 1927. The issue opens with a travel journal entry by Ameen Rihani on his Pilgrimage to Byblos. Following it is a continuation of the Agricultural Situation in Syria (by Prof. J. Forrest…

Date: 1947-01-24
A letter and envelope from Yousef Hobeiche addressed to Mrs. Angele Ellis, 514 West Street, Carthage, N.Y., U.S.A.,, dated 24 January 1947. Sent via Airmail. Registered Trademark from Lebanon.

Date: 1947-09-26
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 26 September 1947.
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