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Date: July 1928
An impromptu address made by Tom Abdalla to all of his store employees in Smithfield, NC.

Portraits of Joseph Abdalla, Sr. and his brother Louis Abdalla.

A portrait of Tom Abdalla, brother of Joseph Abdalla, Sr.

Joseph Abdalla, Sr. in a cart for a parade in downtown Selma, NC.

Joseph Abdalla Sr. seated in a cart next to an unidentified clown for a local parade in downtown Selma.

Date: 1930s
A photo of Cassie Abdalla (left) in front of her Style Shop in downtown Selma, NC.

A photo of an unidentified boy in front of Abdalla's Market.

A photo of Joseph Abdalla, Sr. at his home in Selma, NC.

Date: 1942
A photo of Joseph Abdalla, Jr. at Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC in 1942.

Date: July 1912
An immigration record created at Ellis Island, New York, on July 22, 1912. The record details the admission of Mershed N. Abdalla into the United States as an alien. This record provides information about Mershed Abdalla, including age, 18,…

Date: August 1911
Handwritten letter in Arabic from Khouri Minas Kfouri, composed on August 9, 1911 The letter confirms the age of Yousuf Abdalla (16) based on the information mentioned in the baptism book (record), which gives his date of birth as January 1895.

Date: March 1910
Letter handwritten in Arabic by Father Khouri Ibraheem Najah, composed on March 20, 1910. It confirms the birth of George Abdalla in Mount Lebanon on May 12, 1894, based on the information recorded in the baptisim book (records) in the Roman…

Date: March 1910
A letter from a priest, Abraham al Hage, stating that he consulted a copy of the record in the church George Abdalla was baptized in. Abdalla was baptized on May 12th, 1894 in Falougha, Lebanon. This letter was sent for Abdalla's employment and was…

An immigration record from Marseille, France, created on September 16, 1911. The record lists Alice Abdalla [born 1894] as immigrating at age 17 in 1911. On the back of the record there are a series of questions with information including: her…
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