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Date: 2012-04-19
An article entitled 'Fr. Kail C. Ellis, O.S.A., Receives Peace Award'. The article is about Kail Ellis receiving the Peace & Dialogue Award for 2012.

Date: 2012-06-06
Article published on July 6, 2012 about George Kahdy at 90 years old flying in an AT-6, his first flight since 1946.

Date: 2012
A card detailing biographical information and the funeral details for Joseph El-Khouri. On the front is an image with a quote. card_front_2012_wm.jpg

A collection of photographs taken in the Elizabethtown Cemetery depicting the tombstones of various members of the Parker family from two generations. Included in the collection is a text document listing each of the family members buried in the…
Findelin_gravestone photographs view_wm.jpg

A program for the funeral of Joseph El-Khouri held at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church. (Folder 6-3)
Khouri 6-3 Memorial_wm.pdf

The funeral card from Joseph El-Khouri's funeral held at the Holy Redeemer Catholic Church on July 27, 2012. Joseph El-Khouri was born on May 28, 1924 and passed away on July 22, 2012.
El-Khouri_Josephs Funeral leaflet exterior.jpg

Interview with George El-Khouri about the legacy of his father Joseph El-Khouri.
George El-Khouri Interview American Arab 2012.docx

Date: [2012]
Performer: Naji Hilal (Andrew Shanikovsky)
center-logo-cover image-greys.jpg
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