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A copy of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to Nazir Saad concerning wartime Lebanon and the Mokarzel property in Freike. (Folder 2-4-3-10)
Mokarzel 2-4-3-10 Letter_wm.tif

A postcard and a letter from Nazir Saad to Mary Mokarzel concerning the Mokarzel land, conditions in Lebanon, and personal news. (Folder 2-4-2-37)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-37 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Freike for Mary Mokarzel detailing the local Church's proposal for the development of the Mokarzel land in Freike. Mary Mokarzel's notes realted to the letter are included. (Folder 2-4-1-47)
Mokarzel 2-4-1-47 Notes Letter_wm.pdf

A draft of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to Msgr. Webby concerning correspondence about the Mokarzel land in Freike. (Folder 2-4-1-46)
Mokarzel 2-4-1-46 Letter_wm.tif

A letter from Nasri Lebbos Bejjani to Yemna Mokarzel concerning family news and the condition in Lebanon. (Folder 2-2-1-19)
Mokarzel 2-2-1-19 Letter_wm.tif

A letter from Shapiro Ferreira to Mary Mokarzel giving requested information about her father (Salloum Mokarzel's cousin) and her sisters. The photos mentioned in the letter are linked below. (Folder 2-2-1-5)
Mokarzel 2-2-1-5 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Mary Mokarzel to Aida Marini concerning personal news and details of life during the war in Lebanon. (Folder 1-8-1-49)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-49 Letter_wm.pdf

A receipt for a donation given to Mother Theresa Missonaries of Charity from Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 1-8-1-40)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-40 Receipt_wm.tif

A letter from an unidentified J. O. to Mary Mokarzel concerning personal news and the situation in Lebanon. (Folder 1-8-1-19)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-19 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Mary Mokarzel to Eugene Paul Nassar concerning an upcoming project-- probably the publication of the Annotated Guide to the Syrian World. (Folder 1-1-2-6)
Mokarzel 1-1-2-6 Reply Letter_WM.jpg

Volume XI of a Maronite newspaper, The Challenge. (Folder 13-10)
Khouri 13-10 Newspaper_wm.pdf

Pages of The Andrews Journal. (Folder 12-53)
Khouri 12-53 Newspaper_wm_fixed.pdf

Joseph El-Khouri presents a check to Jack Simonds, the ministerial association president (Folder 2-44).
Khouri 2-44 Clipping_wm.tif

Joseph El-Khouri receives a trophy from United Way of North Carolina on behalf of Cherokee County United Way (Folder 2-42).
Khouri 2-42 Newspaper_wm.tif

A photo published in the Andrews Journal of the El-Khouri family reunion in Charlotte. (Folder 12-6)
Khouri 12-6 Clipping_wm.tif

A photograph of Serina Shehdan (second from left) and Philip Shehdan (middle) with three other unidentified family members in 1989.