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An article in The Andrews Journal about the White House Conference on Small Business and Joseph El-Khouri's position as delegate. (Folder 12-19)
Khouri 12-19 Article_wm.tif

An article published in the Asheville Citizen-Times concerning Joseph El-Khouri's participation in the North Carolina Small Business Council and his push for changes in NC inventory tax laws. (Folder 12-33)
Khouri 12-33 Article_wm.tif

An article published in The Andrews Journal about Joseph El-Khouri's attendance of the Small Business Conference and the resolutions passed there. (Folder 12-34)
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Date: 1980-10-07
An Arabic letter with English translations dated 1980 October 7. This could possibly have been written by Namtallah Hobeiche to Kail Ellis.

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An advertisement published in the Andrews Journal for Khouri's. (Folder 12-28)
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Date: 1980-10-07
A letter and stamped envelope from Namtallah Hobeiche addressed to Reverend Father Kail Ellis, 6401 Overbrook Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19151, U.S.A.,, dated 7 October 1980. Sent by Airmail from Beirut, Lebanon. Contains two stamps.

Date: 1981-04-30
Letter from Angele Ellis to Kail Ellis, dated April 30, 1981. Arabic on top: Angele informs Kail that she received the 'tape' but it isn't as good as the first one. Then mentioned that when was in Tupper Lake, and continued in English.. Arabic…


Date: 1980-04-30
A letter from Badia Assaf to Angele Ellis, dated 30 April 1980.

A series of documents from the Jim Hunt Committee to Joseph El-Khouri thanking him for his support in the recent election (Folder 3-11).
Khouri 3-11 Letters_wm.pdf

Meeting Minutes from the Small Business Advisory Council concerning the gross receipts tax, the intangibles tax, and the inventory tax. The meeting was attended and called to order by Joseph El-Khouri. (Folder 6-5)
Khouri 6-5 Minutes_wm.pdf

Date: 1980-05-16
A passport for Angele Ellis issued on 5 May 1980. Documents Angele Ellis traveling to Lebanon on 16 May 1980 for one month for a family visit. Visa from Lebanese Embassy good until 30 June 1980. Binding is too tight to scan pages.

Date: 1980-04-25
A passport issued to Kail Claude Ellis (spelled Kalil) from the United States of America, dated 25 April 1980. Contains a passport photograph of Kail Ellis.

Date: 1980-06-12
A photograph of Angele Ellis and Theresa Ellis on Angele's 75th birthday, dated 12 June 1980.

Date: 1980-04-16
A newspaper article titled 'Private Schools Bussing To Be in 1980-81 Budget'. The article dated 16 April 1980 is about protests against denying additional transportation to students. 'C.R.T.' is listed as the source of the article, which may refer to…

List of the Governor's Small Business Council members' resumes. Joseph El-Khouri's resume includes handwritten notes and corrections. There is also a letter from Robert P. Huntley expressing his pleasure over his appointment to the Small Business…
Khouri 4-7 Resumes_wm.pdf
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