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An envelope from the Memorial Mission Hospital with a survey on patient services printed inside. (Folder 5-16)
Khouri 5-16 Envelope_wm.pdf

A list of attendees of the 1979 Legislative Conference of the National Association of Home Health Agencies. Joseph El-Khouri attended, representing the Good Shepherd Home Health Agency. (Folder 5-8)
Khouri 5-8 List_wm.pdf

Date: July 3, 1979
A letter from Nick Weaver (from the office of Senator Robert Morgan) to Joseph El-Khouri updating him on the status of his brothers' visas. (Folder 11-16)
Khouri 11-16 Letter_wm.pdf

Date: 1978-1979
A collection of letters from the US Department of Justice and Senator Robert Morgan to Joseph ("Joe") El-Khouri regarding his petitions for relative immigrant visas to enter the United States (Folder 1-5).
Khouri 1-5 Letters_wm.pdf

Date: 1979
A picture of Moussa Domit, brother of Cecilia Saleh, at the opening of the Neomonde Store in 1979.
saleh_uncle domit at neomonde opening 1979.jpg

Date: 1979
A photograph of unidentified Saleh family and friends celebrating the opening of the Neomonde bakery in 1979,
saleh_unidentified family and friends at neomonde opening 1979.jpg

Date: 1979
A photograph of Sam Saleh at work at Neomonde Baking Company in 1979.
saleh_sam saleh working in neomonde baking co 1979_wm.jpg
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