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An article in The Cherokee and Clay County Progress about the installation of new Lions officers for the Murphy Lions Club by Joseph El-Khouri, the district governor. (Folder 12-10)
Khouri 12-10 Article_wm.tif

A photo published in The Cherokee Scout of Joseph El-Khouri and other officials at a democrat rally. (Folder 12-27)
Khouri 12-27 Clipping_wm.tif

Date: 1974
A photograph of Sam Saleh, taken in 1974.
saleh_sam saleh headshot 1974.jpg

Date: 1974
Rose and Joseph El-Khouri together outdoors, kissing and embracing.

Date: 1974-04-18
A letter from Wajeeh Hanna Kemaide to Toufic Ellis, dated 18 April 1974.

A photograph of the Mansour family in 1974. Nell Heeden Mansour is in the front right.

Date: 1974-08
A laminated memorial obituary for Leonard J. Oussani, dated August 1974

Date: 1974-04-18
A letter and stamped envelope from Toufic's cousin addressed to Toufic Ellis, dated 18 April 1974. Sent from Mazraat Kfardebian, Lebanon by Airmail. Contains three Lebanese stamps depicting Lebanese artisans and costumes.

Date: 1974-06-13
A newspaper clipping with a photograph of Delor Ellis receiving a check from Robert S. McDonnell for the Carthage Area Hospital, Inc., dated 13 June 1974.

Date: 1974
A photograph of (back row left to right) Alfred Ellis, Rafic Ellis, Delor Ellis, (front row left to right) Angele Ellis, and Toufic Ellis in front of their home in Carthage, New York, dated 1974.
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