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A photograph from Bearta Al-Chacar Powell's childhood of young girls in Lebanon receiving their first communion.

A photograph of the children from Children's Village S.O.S. on a picnic. Though unidentified, Bearta Al-Chacar Powell and her siblings are likely among them.

A group portrait of the Baddour family. Though undated, the image was probably taken in the 1970s.
Baddour_family photograph_circa 1970s_wm.jpg

A picture of Charlie and his sister Rita.
Abed_charlie and rita 1978_wm.jpg

A group of unidentified relatives of Charlie Abed around Christmastime, 1970.

A group of unidentified teenagers in Lebanon.
Abed_teenagers in Lebanon_wm.jpg

A photograph of Joe Mody, Shirley, and Ed on New Year's Eve at St. Louis Gonzaga in Utica, NY

A list of the names of members of the Parker and Farris family buried in the Elizabethtown, North Carolina, cemetery, complete with birth and death dates.
Findelin_Family Records in Elizabethtown.jpg

Lions International Nomination of Joe El-Khouri for District Governor 31A at Rocky Mount, North Carolina. The pamphlet contains brief biographical information in addition to a list of Joe El-Khouri's many community contributions.

End of 1973-back right Narges 10 years old)
Father, mom, brother (19 months younger); front right, sister, another sister, baby brother and another sister

A snapshot of Beshara Shehdan, sitting in a floral-patterned chair upon which his name is written. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken between 1970 and 1975.
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