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A copy of a letter from professor Edward Wakin of Fordham University to Mary Mokarzel concerning the issues with the printing of the Al-Hoda Golden Jubilee Book. (Folder 1-4-1-9)
Mokarzel 1-4-1-9 Letter_wm.tif

Letters from staff of the Library of Congress's photoduplication service to Mary Mokarzel concerning problems with the delivery and microfilming of her issues of Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-1-3-13)
Mokarzel 1-1-3-13 Letters_wm.pdf

Letters containing advice from Goldstein & Goldstein on how to approach the Library of Congress concerning her microfilmed issues of Al-Hoda. (Folder 1-1-3-12)
Mokarzel 1-1-3-12 Letters_wm.pdf

T.J. Coleman, Regional Director for the Postal Service, writes an obituary for George C. Najour, Deputy Regional Director, who died suddenly of a heart attack (Folder 3-10).
Khouri 3-10 Obituary_wm.tif

A ledger and deposit slip for Youth Summer Recreation. (Folder 8-1)
Khouri 8-1 Booklet_wm.pdf

Listing on local men in armed forces and their commendations.

Far left, eldest; then younger brothers and father, circa 1969

A photograph of the Shehdan family on Mothers Day, 1969. Philip Shehdan is in the middle; on the right is his mother, Serina. The other woman is an unidentified member of the family.