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A small (3 x 4.5 inches) pocket notebook with a leatherette cover that belonged to Joseph El-Khouri. The notebook contains handwritten notes in both English and Arabic, likely drafting a speech that Joseph gave for the Kiwanis Club in January of…
El-Khouri_joes notes on a speech_c 1959_wm.pdf

Charlie Abed's passport dating from his childhood, during which he was sent from his birthplace in Kano, Nigeria, to attend boarding school in Lebanon.
Abed_childhood passport.pdf

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Lebanon postmarked December 17, 1959.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Dec17 1959_1_wm.jpg

Publicity Scrapbook Contest notebook, created by Joseph Maroun El-Khouri during his time as publicity chairman of Andrews Lions Club District 31-A. In addition to articles about the activities of the Lions Club during these years, the scrabook…
Lions club publicity journal_loose article_1.jpg

A photograph of Joseph Salem, standing outside in his United States Army uniform.