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Date: 13-Jun-58
A copy of the letter describing Joe Salem's appointment to the position of Major in the Army Reserves.

Date: 1958
Icer Romey in a white hat, 1958. A notation on the back says "Icer." Stamps on the back says "?Ollar's Birmingham Jan 29 1958" and "513" and "B26959".

Date: 1958
A photograph taken at Grandma Moses' House c. 1958 featuring Janet, Phillip Jr., Michael, Nodrice Jr., and Nodrie Moses. A note on the back says "Grandmama Moses' house 1958? Janet Moses Phillip Moses Michael Moses Nodrie Moses J. Nodrie Moses".

Date: 1958-1961
Publicity Scrapbook Contest notebook, created by Joseph Maroun El-Khouri during his time as publicity chairman of Andrews Lions Club District 31-A. In addition to articles about the activities of the Lions Club during these years, the scrabook…
Lions club publicity journal_loose article_1.jpg

Date: circa 1958
This manuscript by Aelyas Kassab is a history of the Kassab family and a biography of Aelyas' own life. It begins with Aelyas' grandfather Elyas Kassab, born in 1814, and traces the family through the nineteenth century; particular attention is paid…
Kassab_ Aelyas family history_Rwm.pdf

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Lebanon, postmarked December 31, 1957, January 2, 1958, and January 6, 1958.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Jan6 1958_1_wm.jpg

Letter to Joseph Maroun El-Khouri of Andrews, North Carolina from Sister Victorine El-Khouri of Sainte Famille Maronite National Hospital, Homs, Syria, postmarked January 23, 1958.
El-Khouri_Letter to Joseph from Lebanon Jan28 1958_1_wm.jpg

A card full of well wishes from the Jabaley's department store staff to Youssif (Joseph El-Khouri), the boss (Folder 1-20).
Khouri 1-20 Card_wm.pdf
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