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An article about the difficulty faced by Joseph El-Khouri when he attempted to call his family in Lebanon, likely due to the 1958 Lebanon crisis. (Folder 12-3)
Khouri 12-3 Clipping_wm.tif

Date: 1959-11-30
The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959

Date: July 1959
A photo of ladies at Mrs. Malik's tea party. Mary Mokarzel hosted the tea party for Eva Malik in her New York apartment. Mary is standing third from the left in the front row. (Folder 2-1-5-8)
Mokarzel 2-1-5-7 Yemna_wm.jpg

September 1953 edition of the Maronite periodical "The Maronite Review" (Folder 11-6)
Khouri 11-6 Periodical_wm.pdf

Date: 1953
A booklet commemorating the 50th anniversary of St. Anthony Maronite Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The book begins with letters of congratulations from various high-ranking members of the Catholic church accompanied by photographs of these…

Date: 1950
Adma and Asaf Kahdy with three of their daughters, Virginia, Fifi, and Sally stand in front of a house in what seems to be either fall or winter. Caption on the back reads, "March 1950. Portland, Oregon."

Date: 1950's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Asaf George Kahdy both dressed formally. There are two notes attached that identify them both.

Date: 1950's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Spidie Zaidan stand outside of a house as they pose for the photo. Caption on the back reads, "1950's, Portland, Oregon. Adma Sawaya Kahdy my sittie and her friend Aunt Spidie Zaidan."

Date: 1931-1951
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, poems, pamphlets, programs, and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1940-1962
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This book has many articles and obituaries from Ameen Rihani's death in 1940. This includes, but is not limited to… PDF.pdf

Date: 1950's
Asaf stands outside next to his wife Adma Kahdy who is sitting in a wheelchair. They are both wearing formal attire.

Date: 1950's
Asaf and Adma Kahdy's home in Portland, Oregon. Behind the house stands a large, well kept garden and lawn. Back of the caption reads, "Sawaya-Kahdy sittie and jiddie home and garden in Portland. Early 1950 or late 40's."

Date: 1950's
Aunt Jahemi and Marie with Uncle Gabriel's donkey outside of a stone building.

Date: 1951
George Kahdy stands with his hand on his daughter's shoulder while Sally stands on the other side of him. They are all dressed formally and stand outside near a sidewalk. Caption on the front reads, "1951. Barbara, Sally, George."

Date: 1950's
Barbara Kahdy smiles and sits in a wagon. While she's sitting, she holds onto the handle and leans against it. She is wearing a casual dress and thin jacket.

Date: 1956-07
Barbara Kahdy waves as her siblings Georgette and George Kahdy Jr. stand next to her. Caption on the back states, "Away out in nowhere- On the Old Oregon Trail."

Date: Unknown
A photograph of Ramiz Al-Shakar and Isabelle Maalouf, the parents of Bearta Al-Chacar Powell, on their wedding day.

Date: July 1959
A scan of Stephen Carter Rabil's birth certificate from July 14th, 1959, issued by Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, North Carolina, and signed by the attending physicians. The back of the certificate has Stephen's footprints in blue ink.

Date: 1953
A bronze bust sculpture of Ameen Rihani done by Italian artist, Joseph Mallozi in 1953.

A photograph of James Ellis Monsour walking his daughter Carolyn down the aisle at her wedding to Nicholas Dorroll. A number of unidentified guests are also pictured.

Date: July 7, 1950
A photo of people gathered at a cocktail party in the Al-Hoda Press building. The caption on the back reads "Cocktail Party...for C. Macari (Prominent in Mexico) Papa's [building]." (Folder 2-1-5-17)
Mokarzel 2-1-5-17 Cocktail_wm.jpg

Date: Unknown
A copy of a letter from Salloum Mokarzel to Mary Mokarzel concerning her travels and his health. (Folder 2-2-2-3)
Mokarzel 2-2-2-3 Letter_wm.tif

Date: 1957
A drawing done by Iraqi artist and writer, Hareth T. Rawi, of Ameen Rihani in 1957.
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