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Date: 1950's
Georgette, Barbara, and George Jr. Kahdy stand side by side in the snow. They are all dressed in winter jackets, rain boots, gloves, and hats. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, Barbara, George 50's."

Date: 1950's
Young Barbara Kahdy stands with her eyes closed in graduation attire next to two unknown people. An unknown woman in a matching graduation robe stands behind Barbara Kahdy and a young boy who is also wearing the graduation robe. The back of the photo…

Date: 1950's
Adma Sawaya Kahdy and Asaf George Kahdy both dressed formally. There are two notes attached that identify them both.

Date: 1956
George Kahdy and his mother Adma Kahdy standing next to each other. In the background of the photo it seems like this was taken in the forest while there was a picnic or event was set up. Caption on the back reads, "George and mother 56. Before her…

Date: 1956-06
Joe Salem, Pete Agan, George Kahdy, and Charlie Fadel standing next to each other outside in heavy coats smoking cigars. Caption on the back reads, "Joe Salem, Pete Agan (Nell's uncle), George Kahdy, Charlie Fadel. Kahdy Home, 308 Pace St. Raleigh."

Date: 1956-06
Young Barbara, George Jr., and Georgette Kahdy smile and stand outside in formal attire. Barbara and Georgette Kahdy hold papers and purses while their brother George Kahdy puts his hands in his pocket. In front of Barbara stands a small light…

Date: 1956-07
George Kahdy Jr. stands by the side of a car and takes what the back of the photo describes as a "break." Caption on the back reads, "Oregon- George Jr. on the great desert. Time out for a little "break.'"

Date: 1956-07
Barbara Kahdy waves as her siblings Georgette and George Kahdy Jr. stand next to her. Caption on the back states, "Away out in nowhere- On the Old Oregon Trail."

Date: 1956-07
The Kahdy family including Adma, George, Barbara, Georgette, George Jr. and three of George's sisters pose as they stand outside together. They are all wearing semi-formal clothing as they smile.

Date: 1956-07
Asaf Kahdy stands with his arms around his granddaughters Barbara and Georgette. George Jr. stands next to his grandmother Adma Kahdy who is holding a small bouquet of flowers. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette, dad, mom, Barbara, Georgette. Just…

Date: 1956-08-19
Nell Mettrey Kahdy's Certificate from the Goethe-Institut for studying German Language and Literature from June 27 1956 to August 27, 1956 issued August 19, 1956

Date: 1950's
Asaf stands outside next to his wife Adma Kahdy who is sitting in a wheelchair. They are both wearing formal attire.

Date: 1957-03
Georgette, George, and Barbara Kahdy sit on bicycles with their neighbor Ann Bulbaloe outside of a nearby brick house. Caption on the back reads, "Kahdy kids with neighbor. Raleigh 308 Pace St."

Date: mid 1950's
Georgette Wehbie and Nell Kahdy sitting side by side on a couch. Caption on the back reads, "Georgette Wehbie. Nell Kahdy in Mary Wehbie's (her mother) home at 425 N. Bloodworth St. Raleigh. Mid 50's."

George Kahdy smiles and holds the shoulders of two young girls. One girl has "Sue" painted on her dress and the other girl has "Lou" on the front of her dress. Barbara sits in front of the three of them as she smiles. Caption on the back reads,…

Date: 1959-11-30
The News and Observer Article "Mother of Three Has Workable Philosophy", Raleigh, N.C, November 30, 1959

Date: 1953
A bronze bust sculpture of Ameen Rihani done by Italian artist, Joseph Mallozi in 1953.

Date: 1953
A bronze relief sculpture done by Lebanese artist, Joseph Howayek in 1953.

Date: 1957
A drawing done by Iraqi artist and writer, Hareth T. Rawi, of Ameen Rihani in 1957.

Date: 1931-1951
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This includes, but is not limited to newspaper articles, magazine articles, book reviews, poems, pamphlets, programs, and… PDF.pdf

Date: 1940-1962
A scrapbook created by the Ameen Rihani Museum that contains materials written by or about Ameen Rihani from around the world. This book has many articles and obituaries from Ameen Rihani's death in 1940. This includes, but is not limited to… PDF.pdf

اجمعت العديد من المصادر "يمكن القول بأن "قلب لبنان" قدم الريحاني لا كأديب فحسب بل كمؤرخ وكفنان وشاعر إلى جانب الريحاني الفيلسوف والاجتماعي والعالم بالنفس". يصف الريحاني في هذ الكتاب تسع رحلات قام بها في اطار وطنه لبنان. "فإذا قرأت قصائد الريحاني التي… PDF.pdf

Date: 1939
الكتاب كغيره من كتب ريحاني التي كتبها شارحا فيها اسفاره الى البلاد العربية ومشاهداته السياسية والجغرافية فيها، بالاضافة الى نفحات تاريخية عن المنطقة واهلها. وكان يرمي الريحاني بسلسلة كتبه هذه التعريف والتقريب بين ابناء الامة العربية الواحدة - كما كان… Part 1 PDF.pdf

Date: Jul-59
A photograph of Joseph Salem, standing outside in his United States Army uniform.
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