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A postcard depicting the plane the Joe El-Khouri took from Lebanon to the United States in 1949. (2016 Folder 7-10)
Khouri 7-10 Postcard_wm.pdf

Date: 1949-07-14
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger that businesses are bad and he best stay in Lebanon. He also tells him that Nadim is indebted to the Lebanese Company 200000 francs. They seized his properties and they made an appeal that he would…

Date: 1949-08-29
A letter from Chekralla Chaya who informs Krouger about Nadim's accident. Dated August 29, 1949, Kouroussa, Guinea.

Date: 1949-11-01
A letter from Anis Fuleihan at Indiana University to Dorothy 'Dot' Fuleihan in Bronx, NY, postmarked 1 November 1949

Date: 1949-08-06
A letter from Angele Ellis to Alfred Ellis, dated 6 August 1949. Sent on letterhead from The Khedivial Mail Line S. A. E, S.S. Mohamed Ali el Kebir.

Date: 1949-09
A photocopy of a letter attesting to the transfer of the Power of Attorney from Angele Ellis to Yousef Hobeiche, dated 5 September 1949.
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