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Date: 1941
Amāma al-mawqid [In Front of the Fireplace] is a collection of short stories writen by Salwa Salama Atlas. It was published in 1941 in Sao Paolo, Brazil.
Salma Salama Atlas - Amam al-Mawqid full_o.pdf

Date: 1941-03
A letter from Namtallah Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 7 March 1941. There is also a letter written by Yousef Hobeiche and Nahde Hobeiche that accompany the initial letter.

Date: 1941-08
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 22 August 1941.

Date: 1941-05
A letter from Yousef Hobeiche to Angele Ellis, dated 1 May 1941.

Death notice of C.B. Redmond, who was born Martha Gideon in Beirut. Announcement of funeral time and location.

There is a disparity in her name. In other accounts, she is referred to as Martha Gideon Redmond rather than C.B. Redmond.

Date: 1941
A portrait photograph of Helen Saleeby.
1949 - Scan3235, December 14, 2002.jpg

Date: 1941
A hand-tinted photographic portrait of Louise Agnes Farfour in 1941, the year of her marriage to Philip Baddour.
Baddour_portrait of Louise Farfour_1941_wm.jpg
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