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Date: circa 1945
Unidentified friends or relatives of Joeseph El-Khouri pose in front of a cedar. Also in the background is a bus and other vehicles. Though location is unidentified, the photograph was perhaps taken during a trip to Ba'albek that Joseph went on with…

Date: 1947
A white envelope that details that George A. Kahdy was in Lebanon sometime around 1947. It also mentions Nellie Kahdy's inability to join as she was pregnant with George and Georgette at the time, who were born on January 16, 1947. The note also…

A telegram sent by Ed Rabil to Cecil Mae Bradley, who he eventually married. The telegraph, sent via Western Union from Chapel Hill to Smithfield, apologizes for Ed's absence due to class.

Date: c. 1942
This photograph, identified as "Thelma [Knuckley]'s brother," depicts Stephen Joseph Knuckley during his World War II military service.

Date: June 1949
A photo taken at a party given for Mr. and Mrs. George Arida in Salloum Mokarzel's apartment. Almost everyone is labelled in the caption on the back of the photo, which was written by Rose Mokarzel Tanous. (Folder 2-1-2-12)
Mokarzel 2-1-2-12a Party_wm.jpg

Date: 1947
Kushwee Kahdy smiling and sitting outside in a dress. Around her stands a cinder block building and pieces of concrete. The back of the photo states, "George A. Kahdy grandmother on paternal side. Visit to Lebanon 1947. She lived to be very old.…

Date: circa 1945
Sister Victorine El-Khouri and cousin in Lebanon.

Shikrallah Doumit Farris' certificate of naturalization, issued in 1945 after his marriage to Alma Parker of Elizabethtown, North Carolina.
Findlen_Naturalization Certificate-wm.jpg

Date: 1945
A signed and sealed document verifying that Shikrallah Farris changed his name from Shikralla Farris Mouwannes as part of hi naturalization process.
Findlen_Shikrallah Farris Name Change_wm.jpg

Date: 1947
Sheed standing in high grass as he holds a bucket in his left hand and a cloth sack in his right. In the photo, Sheed is wearing thick, protective clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Sheed Geberal's son. Lebanon 1947."

Date: 1947
The Sawaya family standing under a tree in Lebanon in casual clothing. Caption on the back reads, "Lebanon. Sawaya Family '47."

Date: 1947
The Sawaya family stands together within a small grove of trees in casual, summer clothing. Caption on the front reads, "Uncle Sawaya and family - 1947." The back of the photo lists each person in the photo from left to right.

Date: 1947
The Sawaya Family reunion that takes place in Bteghrine, Lebanon. On the back, there are all the names of the individuals who are in the photo from left to right and how they are related. It also has 1947 on the top right corner."

Date: circa 1940s
A photograph labeled "grandfather in his store." Presumably it depicts Sam Parker in his department store, likely called either the Parker Department Store or the Farris-Parker Department Store at this time. He stands in front of a board labeled…

Date: 1940's
Sally, George, Genee, Maurice, and Fifi standing together with a banner hanging directly behind them. The back of the photo states the name of the individuals in the photo.

A postcard depicting the plane the Joe El-Khouri took from Lebanon to the United States in 1949. (2016 Folder 7-10)
Khouri 7-10 Postcard_wm.pdf

Date: 1945
A marble relief sculpture of Ameen Rihani done by Lebanese artist, Haleem El-Hage in 1945

Date: 1949
A portrait of young Barbara Kahdy smiling in a dark outfit with flowers.

Date: circa 1944
A portrait of George Victor Safy, son of George Joseph and Susie Safy. Though undated, the photograph was likely taken when Victor was a young man, circa 1944.
George Victor Safy_wm.jpg

Date: c. 1940
Studio portrait of Salloum Mokarzel, c. 1940.
Salloum Mokarzel c 1940-wm.jpg
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