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Date: 1947
A white envelope that details that George A. Kahdy was in Lebanon sometime around 1947. It also mentions Nellie Kahdy's inability to join as she was pregnant with George and Georgette at the time, who were born on January 16, 1947. The note also…

Date: 1940's
Nell Kahdy and Salve Bolus are standing outside in casual clothing as they lean against a wooden fence or railing.

Date: 1940's
Nell Mettrey standing arm in arm with two unknown women as she holds a letter in her left hand. Caption on the back reads, "Nellie Mettrie far right. Early 1940's."

Date: 1944
George Kahdy balances on the wing and holds onto the back window of a plane named "Nell." Caption on the back reads, "George Kahdy named his plane for Nell Mettrey (his wife). Egdin field AFB, Fla."

Date: 1942
Lt. George Kahdy sits on a stool with his hands clasped wearing his United States Army uniform. Caption on the back reads, "Lt. Geo. Kahdy. 1942."

This manuscript is an unpublished collection of poems and songs. It is split into two parts, the first featuring Arabic songs and poems and the second a collection of poems by Ameen Rihani titled "Waves of My Life." Posthumously published in 2009 as…

Date: 1939
الكتاب كغيره من كتب ريحاني التي كتبها شارحا فيها اسفاره الى البلاد العربية ومشاهداته السياسية والجغرافية فيها، بالاضافة الى نفحات تاريخية عن المنطقة واهلها. وكان يرمي الريحاني بسلسلة كتبه هذه التعريف والتقريب بين ابناء الامة العربية الواحدة - كما كان… Part 1 PDF.pdf

اجمعت العديد من المصادر "يمكن القول بأن "قلب لبنان" قدم الريحاني لا كأديب فحسب بل كمؤرخ وكفنان وشاعر إلى جانب الريحاني الفيلسوف والاجتماعي والعالم بالنفس". يصف الريحاني في هذ الكتاب تسع رحلات قام بها في اطار وطنه لبنان. "فإذا قرأت قصائد الريحاني التي… PDF.pdf

Date: 1939
يرمي الريحاني في كتابه "نور الاندلس" تعريف القارئ العربي بجانب اخر من تاريخه. فبعد رحلة مع "ملوك العرب" الى "قلب العراق" و"قلب لبنان" من اجل صنع حالة من التألف والوحدة بين ابناء المشرق العربي والمغرب العربي، يحملنا الريحاني الى الاندلس، "فنطالع [في…

A letter from Ameen Rihani to Mr. Palmer, dated August 19, (no year). Date suggested by third party, 1940.

Date: 1940-06-29
A letter from Ameen Rihani to Colonel Don Juan Beigbeder, dated June 29, 1940.

Date: 1940-04-20
A letter from Ameen Rihani addressed to unknown, dated April 20, 1940. It is noted by a third party that this may be to Don Juan Beigbeder.

Date: 1940-09-26
A letter and copy of Ameen F. Rihani's report of death from the American Consulate General to Albert Rihani. It lists Rihani's cause of death as multiple sustained sceptic and infected wounds following a bicycle accident. His place of death is listed…

Date: circa 1940s
An American War Dads card that belonged to Philip Shehdan, son of Beshara Shehdan. Philip enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1945, as soon as he turned eighteen and graduated from high school.

Date: May 1945
A selection of articles and clippings on the occasion of Philip Shedan's graduation from the Cathedral Latin High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. These clippings were taken from The Cathedralite, the school's publication, and include a brief…

Date: June 8, 1945
"Commencement Exercises of Cathedral Latin High School," the graduation ceremony program for Philip Shehdan.

Date: June 1945
A promise of employment certificate for Edmund George Samra created on June 29, 1945. It confirms his employment for a Mrs. Pizeira [?] at 309 Essex St. The job description is "helping in the [illegible?] room." On the back is a signed physician's…

A telegram sent by Ed Rabil to Cecil Mae Bradley, who he eventually married. The telegraph, sent via Western Union from Chapel Hill to Smithfield, apologizes for Ed's absence due to class.

Date: 1940-02-10
A letter from High Commissioner of Spain to Ameen F. Rihani, dated February 10, 1940.

Date: 1945
A marble relief sculpture of Ameen Rihani done by Lebanese artist, Haleem El-Hage in 1945

Date: 1945
"The picture you just came from was taken in front of the 6th Division Hdqtrs PX, Tsingtao, China, in December, 1945. A young lieutenant then, Joe is now a Life Member of the Tarheel Detachment.

A postcard depicting the plane the Joe El-Khouri took from Lebanon to the United States in 1949. (2016 Folder 7-10)
Khouri 7-10 Postcard_wm.pdf
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