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Date: April 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour as a reply to poet Asaad Harb alShemali in in alResala Magazine, vol. 9, no.153, April 10, 1936

Date: April 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour as a reply to Naseeb Salibi earlier friendship poem. Baddour's poem dated April 11, 1936.

Date: March 1936
A poem by Shukri Baddour. the subject of poem: giving positions to those who seek them. other names/nicknames mentioned in the poem: Sheikh Nassour, Elias alFaran (or the baker), alBadawee, Mohammad Sultan, Shadeed, Tarraf Haimour, Samaan theā€¦

Date: March 1936
Poem to Shurki Baddour expressing friendship sentiments from Naseeb Salibi, asking Baddour to reply from alResala Magazine, vol.9, no.151. March 2, 1936

Date: 1930s
A bound volume containing emergency passport lists spanning from 1933 to 1939.

A birth record, produced by the City of Boston Registry Department on September 6, 1935. It certifies that Edmund George Samra, son of Abraham and Ella Samra, was born on March 12, 1930.

A birth record issued by the Town of Methuen, certifying that William Saba, the child of Mike Saba and Salemmy Bshara Saba, was born on October 3, 1921.

A school record for William Saba created on September 18, 1936. It indicates that he was born October 3, 1921 and residence at 6 Wells St. It lists information about his studies at Lawrence High School and lists his father's name as Michael Saba.
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