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Date: January 1914
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Elias (last name not clear) on January 8, 1914. It confirms the baptism of Abduallah son of Naoum Yezbek on January 3, 1897.

Date: April 1914
Contract for transportation by sea for Abraham Nemir who was 18, issued on April 4, 1914. He was travelling to Lawrence, MA on the Rochambeau. He was from Vadi Dayer, Syria, and was a farmer [cultivateur].

Date: Unknown
A record certifying Alfred Dowaliby's birth date as September 24, 1914. It lists his place of birth, 53 White St., Lawrence, Massachusetts. It also includes his father's name, Ameen Dowaliby, mother's name, Julia Abdabor Dowaliby, and their…

An Arabic letter handwritten FR. Basila Nahas on November 28, 1914. It confirms the birthdate of Annie alRaei on August 15, 1897, age (17). A stamp at the top indicates that it was written by the pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Lawrence,…

Date: May 1914
A promise of employment for Annie O'Hanian, promising her employment as a doffer in Washington Mills. Signed by Stephen Gillian on May 15, 1914.

Date: May 1914
A school record for Annie O'Hanian created on May 13, 1914. It indicates that she was born April 7, 1899 and residence at 57 Oak St. The record lists information about her studies at the Special School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists her…

Date: May 1914
A writing sample proving that Annie O'Hanian can read, write, and speak English well. Signed by Anna A. Murphy, a teacher at the Special School on May 13, 1914.

Date: 1914
A bound volume containing remittance lists for French citizens spanning from 1914 to 1915.

Date: March 1914
A physician's certificate of age confirming that Charlie Kalil was at least 16 years of age at the time it was filled out, on March 12, 1914. It provides his date of birth, April 15, 1894, and residence, 397 Chestnut St.

A letter, written by Nellie Choate of Arlington Mills, on February 14, 1914. It listing the work history of Chekir Hanna, of 295 Oak St. It indicates that they received his "pink card of illiteracy" on October 28, 1912, and that his birthdate on…

Date: 1914
A baptism certificate from St. Mary's Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, certifying that Elizabeth Yazbek, daughter of Abdella Yazek and Julia Abila was born on February 15, 1914 and baptized May 25, 1914.

Date: March 1914
An Arabic letter handwritten by FR. Basile Nahas on March 4, 1914. It confirms the birthdate of (name not clear) the daughter of George Francis on March 20, 1897.

A letter handwritten in Arabic by Father Khouri Boutrus Aoun in November 1914. It confirms the age and baptism of Freda the daughter of Youssed Michael Ghanim on March 14, 1899 in Mar Elias Church. Her godfather was Tanous Aboud Martinious, and her…

Date: 1914
A photograph of the front pages of Silver Chimes in Syria: Glimpses of a Missionary's Experiences, a 1914 book by W. S. Nelson about missionary work in Syria.

An immigration record, a prepaid ticket good for one year, for Gamelia Samia, issued on February 16, 1914. It shows passage from Beirut, Syria to Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists Gamelia's age as 17. It was stamped by A.R. Saunders Insurance at 362…

Date: March 1914
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Boutrus al Haj Boutrus on July 20, 1909. It confirms baptism of George Youssef Abdullah on October 10, 1893. His godfather was uncle (father side) Melhem Abduallah Mansour, and his godmother was the wife…

Date: April 1914
Contract for transportation by sea by the Transatlantic General Company out of Marseille issued on April 4,1914. Sabooha F. Hatem was 33 year old Syrian woman and was travelling to New York with three children: Habib, who was 17, and Elase and Najle…

Date: 1905-03-28
A holy card titled, 'L' Archange Saint Michel' depicting Saint Michael with a prayer to Saint Michael on the back, dated 1914.

Date: 1925
A photocopy of a chart noting the departures and arrivals of Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis from 1914-1926 from Lebanon to the United States of America.

Date: 1921
Court papers relating to the divorce of Joseph and Gladys Oussani, dated 1 December 1914 and signed 19 January 1921

Date: June 1914
A promise of employment certificate for Joseph Shaheen, employed as a doffer for Washington Mills.
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