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A copy of a photograph of the Cleopatra and the USS Oceanic, the ship Toufic Ellis arrived in America on, with a paragraph of information

Date: 1925
A photocopy of a chart noting the departures and arrivals of Toufic Ellis and Angele Ellis from 1914-1926 from Lebanon to the United States of America.

Date: 1905-03-28
A holy card titled, 'L' Archange Saint Michel' depicting Saint Michael with a prayer to Saint Michael on the back, dated 1914.

Date: 1921
Court papers relating to the divorce of Joseph and Gladys Oussani, dated 1 December 1914 and signed 19 January 1921

Date: 1914-09-11
A letter from Hussein A. (surname illegible) to Ameen Rihani, dated September 11, 1914.

Date: June 1914
A promise of employment certificate for Joseph Shaheen, employed as a doffer for Washington Mills.

Date: May 1914
A promise of employment for Annie O'Hanian, promising her employment as a doffer in Washington Mills. Signed by Stephen Gillian on May 15, 1914.

Date: 1914
A photograph of the front pages of Silver Chimes in Syria: Glimpses of a Missionary's Experiences, a 1914 book by W. S. Nelson about missionary work in Syria.

Date: January 1914
An Arabic letter handwritten by Father Khouri Elias (last name not clear) on January 8, 1914. It confirms the baptism of Abduallah son of Naoum Yezbek on January 3, 1897.

Date: March 1914
Medical document for Yussif [illegible, Akroosh?] indicating the treatment of trachoma infection. The document also states that while it is given on board a ship it did not guarantee acceptance at either a boarding or landing port. It was signed in…

Date: January 1914
An immigration record created at Ellis Island, New York, on January 7, 1914. The record details the admission of Rashid Abdelnour into the United States as an alien. This record provides information about Rashid Abdelnour, including age, 18,…

Date: 1914-07-22
A copy of a list of passengers, mentioning Toufic Ellis, coming from Lebanon to the United States on the S.S. Oceanic from Cherbourg, France, dated 22 July 1914.

Date: Unknown
A birth certificate, issued by the State of Connecticut Department of Health, certifying that Josephine Mallouf was born March 15, 1914 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It lists the father's name as Moses Mallouf and mother's name as Sara Mallouf.

Date: 1914
A baptism certificate from St. Mary's Church in Lawrence, Massachusetts, certifying that Elizabeth Yazbek, daughter of Abdella Yazek and Julia Abila was born on February 15, 1914 and baptized May 25, 1914.

Date: May 1914
A school record for Annie O'Hanian created on May 13, 1914. It indicates that she was born April 7, 1899 and residence at 57 Oak St. The record lists information about her studies at the Special School in Lawrence, Massachusetts. It lists her…

Date: 1914-08-16
A letter to Father Tobia from his cousin Raul Attallah. Raul informs Father Tobia that he found 3700 [rials] in the French bank, but all banks are closed. The news/situation where Raul is is very bad due to war and no travel is allowed. For those…

Date: 1914-06-06
A passport Number 1475 from the Ottoman Empire for Toufic Kmeid (spelled Toufik Kemaide in document), dated 6 June 1914.

Date: October 1914
An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated October 16, 1914.

Date: October 1914
An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated October 8, 1914.

An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated September 16, 1914.

Date: August 1914
An issue of Mira'at al-Gharb dated August 15, 1914.
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