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A certificate in Turkish (Ottoman). ID Certificate/record, year of birth 1895, Halab, Syria. Issued in 1907.

A physician's certificate of age for George Yesbick, issued on April 3, 1923 and certifying his birth on March 13, 1907.

A letter from Basile Nahas, written on September 12 1912, certifying that Bashir [Bashiri] Simon was baptized on June 5, 1907. The letter was written on behalf of Kathkfa Simon on the request of her husband George Simon, who was going to New York. It…

A handwritten letter in Arabic. Confirm birthdate of Shukrallah Ibrahhem Tannous in 1892, age (15). Written by Father Khouri Nickola Aqel on December 5, 1907.

A physician's certificate of age for Saba Sfier created on June 8, 1923. It confirms their date of birth as June 8, 1907 in Syria. It lists their address as 284 Elm St.

A certificate in Arabic written on October 12, 1906 by Father Khouri Afram. It confirms the baptism of Maryam daughter of Youssef alTahan on March 9, 1890 by Father Khouri Boutrus alFrerie. Godmother was Zuhour widow of Francis Abi Tamra. A penciled…

A school record for James Hassey, issued on September 7, 1921, that lists his date of birth as February 7, 1907 and residence as 369 Chestnut St. It details his studies as a regular course at the Tarbox School with his last grade comlpeted as the…

A handwritten letter by Mary E. Leary, Principal of the Amesbury Street School, on September 7, 1921. It certifies that James Hassey was born on February 7, 1907.

A certificate of baptism for Fred Dowaliby, produced by the Saint Charles Church of Dover, New Hampshire, on February 27, 1923. It confirms his birth date as March 3, 1907 and date of baptism as May 2, 1907. It lists his father's name as Elias…

A handwritten letter in Arabic from Priest Koury Mikael Koury, written on July 20, 1907. It is also translated into English. It certifies Elias Mousa Bicharah's birthdate as August 2, 1893 and his baptism date as September 1, 1893.
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